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Frivolous Purchases.

I left work at 4.00 today, and am subsequently missing on the drinks at the German Market, mostly because a) I'm knackered and b) me + people = stabbing.

So, I got the 35 home, since it happened to be on Corporation Street (I'm too lazy to walk to Moor Street), which is much quicker at that time of the afternoon, and despite all best intentions ended up going to look in Priceless Shoes because they had a sale on. And spent £15 in there. Oh well. That's what the savings account is for. (Well, it's not actually, but anyway...)

The shoes are nice and flexible, but will probably still give me foot cramp due to having absolutely no support whatsoever. Not sure when I'll wear them but I wanted some turquoise shoes, quite frankly. The boots I got because they are RED and SUEDE and PIXIE and FIT ME and were only a tenner. The shoes were a fiver.

Also, these are the boots I got a couple of weeks ago for £3.50 from the local Red Cross shop:

They just about fit thanks to the elastic and will hopefully fit one day if I ever slim down. I have bloody cankles, for Christ's sake.

Bargains R fun.

Also went to Sainsbury's to get something for tea, even though it's expensive, because I've been tired all day and can't be bothered to try and make Christmas cards tonight even though I really should. They're a pain in the bloody arse. I have Bombay potato for starter and butter chicken with rice for seconds, and also got some poppadoms. Yum. And I have cake in the fridge. Caaake.

Anyway, that's it. I think I'll slob around online for a bit, since I rarely get the luxury any more. :P

(PS: I apologise for the quality of the pics; blame dark carpets, 40-watt bulbs and a camera-phone.)

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