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In which the bank make MORE efforts to break my brain.

Today has been a bit up-and-downy. I went in to work earlier than usual (8.15) because there was a lot of work to do (mostly due to long tapes and urgents taking up all the time yesterday) and because we had our support team Christmas lunch from 12.00 to 2.00. The lunch was nice, although possibly the two glasses of wine I had did very little for my typing ability for the rest of the afternoon, and afterwards Gaynor (also two glasses to the good) decided the best idea in the world would be to stand on a stool and put decorations up. Resultantly, all the 'stars' of the office have stars over their heads: me, Noor, Gaynor, Dawn (clerical), a vague-direction-that-would-be-Sue-if-she-wasn't-ill, and an empty space by Heather... (basically, the support team, because we keep everything moving).

Also, as a result of doing lots of urgent work on a case this morning, Noor and I came back from lunch to find boxes of Maltesers on our desks as a thank you. :)

Yesterday was mostly rubbish (aforesaid work was annoying - I had more on this, but thanks to a man coming to test our monitors at lunchtime, my PC was turned off and the entry subsequently lost) and wasn't helped in the evening by the announcement in rehearsal that there are only single tickets left for the Christmas concert. I was meant to be buying 7 tickets for people to come and see me, and understandably, none of them want to sit on their own (four of them were my mum, grandmother, David and uncle, although he wasn't a definite, and the other three were Paul, his mum and his niece Jade), so now the only person still coming is Paul.

So that was a bit upsetting, really, and once again I hit meltdown for no reason except that it was my own stupid fault for not booking it sooner, and because I was tired and stressed and meh. I'm not enjoying this being-highly-strung business in the slightest, especially as I'm taking my pills and am relatively mentally sound as a result of such. I just want to come out of 2007 unscathed, please.

Anyway, yeah, to top all that off, I received a voicemail on my phone at about 4.05pm from the bank, someone asking me to call them back. Obviously I didn't hear the phone because I was, well, audio-typing, and trying to make my fingers go in the directions they were supposed to (after two glasses of wine), and didn't get the voicemail until I was on the bus at 4.45. So I decided to ring when I got in and - surprise, surprise - at 5.35 the bank was closed.

Yeah. Banks? You need to learn that PEOPLE WORK FOR A FUCKING LIVING. From 9.00 to fucking 5.00. Stay the fuck open, you bastards.

And obviously, the message didn't indicate what on earth it might be about, just that I didn't have to worry. Well, I AM worrying, so thanks a lot for more undue stress. Just what I needed. Brilliant. Really.


I live in hope that one day, public services will wise up to being in the 21st century...
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