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And a meme...

Stolen from herringprincess

OK, post the first two sentences of the first entry of the month for each month of 2007. Ignore the memes and move on to the next day if that's all you posted.

January: See, usually I'd have full internet access and be able to update on the various Christmas goings-on as they happen, but for now you'll have to make do with the whole thing in one fell swoop, as 'twere. I will try to put as much as possible under cuts.

February: Swimming last night was fun. I wasn't as bad as I thought I'd be, though my feet kept cramping up (not used to being waved about or used as a propulsion device) and also my left leg at one point.

March: The network is still dead. Well, I say "still".

April: Friday - nothing much, as far as I remember.  Food at the pub, and back in time for Ugly Betty.

May: There is no hope now. None whatsoever. (That sounds quite ominous...)

June: I seem to have been sucked into Big Brother already... this kind of thing usually takes at least six weeks. Well, at least I'll know what people are talking about...

July: Ahhh, holiday.  Even if it's only a holiday in the not-being-at-work sense.

August: Most of yesterday afternoon involved having to re-create a 9-page application form from scratch... Ian emailed some documents to me which he needed amending and then putting into our being-built team resources folder.

September: Good Things: 1. Thanks to Google and a random download, my keyboard is now British again. 2. Between us Paul and I managed to install a 4-port USB 2.0 PCI card into the PC, with the help of a screwdriver and some PCI screws from my old machine (the new one had none, for some reason) so I can now, at least plug in high-speed devices such as my Creative Zen MicroPhoto...

October: t's my birthday in two weeks, beeyatch. You are all hereby invited to birthday drinks on Friday, 19 October at the Briar Rose pub in Birmingham, from 5.30pm.

November: This week, the Alcester Road has been full of really stupid drivers... On Monday (I think it was Monday, it may well have been yesterday...), some idiot in a van pulled up right next to the bus in a single lane, and subsequently, quite deservedly, lost his wing mirror.

December:We had a relatively quiet weekend, all told, in that we didn't leave the house at all on Saturday (and subsequently didn't get a lottery ticket; luckily, our numbers didn't come up) and only went out on Sunday to get veg and essential other stuff. On returning from Sainsbury's on Sunday I picked up the vast pile of post that had arrived for me on Saturday; two things from the bank, one from Centro.

That... didn't end up as interesting as I was hoping. I need to write shorter sentences.

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