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Chrsitmas is a-comin'.

I just managed to get 30 actually-quite-decent Christmas cards from the Poundstrecher offshoot shop in Martineau Place, for a quid. Four different photographic designs, all quite pretty. As these will be going out to various people on my f-list (well, a few anyway), I will more than likely scan them and show them later, as I want to make icons out of them. Need Christmas icons, after all. For the meantime, I might just use one of my old Most Haunted Christmas icons...

I find it very difficult to buy Christmas cards in bulk that I actually like, and I then have the added difficulty of buying separate cards for my family...

Anyway, my plan for tomorrow is to make a list of everyone I need to buy for and hopefully tick it off as I go around. I have a vague idea what I'm getting for some people (my mum is easy to get things for - books, general pretty ornaments, jewellery) and for others I'm hoping inspiration will strike...

Last Messiah concert tonight. I managed to get Paul a ticket in the front row of the grand circle, not realising it would be in the front row, so he's going to hate me for that, I'm sure. :P

PS: If you want a Christmas card off me and I don't already have your address, or you think I don't already have your address, leave a comment on this entry - they're screened. Off the top of my head, I have addresses for izzles et al (although isn't your flat number now different?), jackiesjottings, collie_wing, bizarrethe2nd, winter_jasmine and a few others - I'm not sure if I have sweeterthing's address. So yeah. Leave me a comment anyway...
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