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Yesterday's adventure

For anyone who may have read my Facebook status and wondered what was going on...

I was off work yesterday (and also today) with back pain. Of course, this being me, it wasn't as simple as that...

I woke up at 5.30am in absolute agony. I'm assuming it was actually the pain that woke me up. My entire right side was aching/throbbing and I couldn't find a comfortable position to lie in...

So, firstly I got up and went to the loo just in case it was weird trapped wind or something (as it felt a bit like that, also) but that didn't help, and standing up / moving around was painful. I got back into bed and spent the next five minutes or so basically writhing around trying to get comfortable, which woke Paul up. After a few minutes of discussion and the pain getting gradually worse, he went to get me some paracetemol, and we phoned an ambulance.

Which essentally meant we used the ambulance as a taxi to get to Selly Oak A&E, but I was starting to panic a bit. It was really incredibly painful. Luckily the paracetemol kicked in when I was in the ambulance. We got to the hospital at about 6.00am and were waiting about two hours, by which point the painkillers had worn off again. The doctor I saw at the hospital suggested physiotherapy and prescribed me a stronger dose of co-codamol (since I've run out) to take four times a day, and also that chronic back pain can sometimes flare up for no reason, and then we got a taxi back. Paul went into work and I phoned in at about 9.15 - I won't be back in until (provisionally) next Thursday now, because of Christmas.

I spent the majority of yesterday under a blanket on the sofa, watching housewife telly, with a hot water bottle. I also finally got around to watching last Christmas's Dracula adaptation, which was a bit poo. I texted Paul at about 6.45 (when he was going to be leaving the pub) to remind him to get stuff for tea, then lay down for a nap, finally, except he woke me up to say he was stuck on a bus and I had to go to Sainsbury's before it closed. So that wasn't so fun, although at least it wasn't as cold as it had been that morning...

So yeah. I don't do anything by halves. I suspect this is another of my body's bizarre stress reactions, as I finally sorted the last of my Christmas shopping on Wednesday, and one is more susceptible to random illness when off work or generally de-stressed... It's times like this, though, that one of us should really learn to drive...

Anyway. Yes. I'm a lot better today, although it's still painful - I'm going to fill myself full of co-codamol and then meet Paul at Asda later for our Christmas shop. Which should be great fun. Meh.
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