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The Post-Christmas Update

I've been offline for the Christmas period due to the computer being an absolute arse all weekend, so we turned it off at the wall for a couple of days... Seemed to be fine yesterday. Obviously The Beast wanted a break, too.

So, a lowdown:

Having spent the majority of Thursday curled up on the sofa, I wasn't much more productive on Friday other than to go to Asda with Paul. I got a taxi there with the intention of drawing some cash out when I got there, but obviously both of the cash machines were empty, so I had to make him drive me to meet Paul halfway from work... which wasn't too annoying, except that I then had to walk to Asda again. We spent just shy of £200 in there due to lots of alcohol and having run out of everything, but at least now the freezer (and fridge) is full... That was about it, really...

On Saturday, we trekked over to Cradley Heath to visit my grandmother, which - surprisingly - was a fairly painless affair. We forgot to take a map with us and the road layout has completely changed, but nevertheless I managed to find the house all right. We got there about 1.00ish and stayed until about 7.15, when Robin drove us to the station.

She cooked us a very nice meal and we had a good old natter about nothing in particular, and the afternoon was quite pleasant right up until the point that Robin came home (about 6.45pm) and picked up an envelope that was on the doormat. It was a card from my father. He lives about 10 minutes down the road and had apparently moaned that Paul and I were seeing my grandmother and not him - this is rich, considering he asked for my mobile number and then proceeded to fail to get in touch for two years. Basically, he came over to shove a card through the door (from himself, Annabelle and Dominic - the new baby) and then buggered off again without bothering to attempt to see me, which was understandably quite annoying and upsetting... and wasn't helped by my grandmother just not knowing when to let things drop and saying I shouldn't take it out on the baby because it didn't ask to be born and that I should send a card and gah. Until then, it had been okay, but after that I just wanted to get out of there...

We ended the evening by Paul buying me a funky hat from the German market (photo probably later) and a drink in the Bright House.

Sunday involved Paul going out and finishing his shopping, whilst I... did something I now can't remember. I think I finished wrapping presents.... and made the cake which was meant to be for work. I had to make the icing again because the pink stuff I'd made before just didn't work in the slightest. The new icing still came out dry. I've never understood how you're meant to roll out pasty / icing on a floured / sugared surface when it just adds said flour or sugar to the mixture and dries it out. Or maybe I just need a better rolling pin. I had the same trouble with the bloody biscuits at Hallowe'en. Eventually I had to roll the icing out on baking parchment, but anyway, it looked and tasted okay...

Paul managed to get a fresh turkey for £13, which was nice, and some goose fat for the potatoes

In the evening we had family over for nibbles and drinking, which was as nice as last year. The majority of the time was spent with Andrea entertaining us with stories of Jade and Patrick as small(er) children, which were all hilarious, and we later discovered that she went to KEVIHS, having left five years before I started, but still having the majority of the teachers in common. Most bizarre.

I was supposed to be productive on Christmas Eve, but it didn't happen due to my back. The sum total of my productivity was getting changed to go out drinking with Lloyd, Derek et al., even though I was meant to change the bed and make the stuffing for Christmas dinner. Paul took me to wagamama for lunch and then we headed to the pub. It was a fairly laid back affair, really, and we departed again at about 8.30 in a taxi which charged us double time and cost about £18. Bastard.

Christmas Day this year seemed much more relaxed than last year, which we figured out was because last year we were rushing around in an attempt to keep warm...

We both did quite well out of presents, mostly practical stuff and random prettiness. Mum and David got me a smoothie maker so we've bought lots of fruit to experiment with it, and Noel bought us Ugly Betty series 1 on DVD (yay!). Darren and Andrea bought us a lovely oil burner from the Pier which goes in the living room quite nicely (with some oil) and Alison got us some purple flower-shaped fairy lights. :D Paul got me some lovely stuff from Festivals, also.

All in all, an enjoyable day. I got Paul a copy of Russell Brand's My Booky Wook, which we are now both reading simultaneously, given I read the first chapter yesterday and was hooked...

And finally, yesterday was lazy and fun. I've watched far too much Eastenders than is good for me (by the way, BBC? Stop forgetting to put Friday's instalment on Replay, 'kay? Thx.) purely because Christmas = East End Angst, not to mention a hideous amount of Disney / Pixar movies (Finding Nemo on Christmas Day, plus Home on the Range and Monsters Inc. yesterday...)

So, all the stress was kind of worth it, as was getting everything done a day early so Christmas Eve wasn't a similar stress-fest like last year.

I am in work today, but off tomorrow, thankfully. We going to my mum's for dinner tomorrow, as there wasn't time to organise it before Christmas.

Ah well. It's all over for another year.
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