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Been a sort of slightly hectic weekend, all told.

I spent the majority of Friday online reading fanfic, just because I could. Which was nice. In the afternoon I met Paul in town to head to mum's, to have a very nice meal of lamb shank in red wine/mint gravy, and we watched Cars in the evening... Although I haven't a clue what happens in the last five minutes because the disc kept skipping...

We stayed the night and then, in the morning, all four of us headed to Cineworld to catch Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D. This was a very bizarre experience, to say the least; after the initial trailers (I want to see Penelope!) there was a long wait of about 10 minutes, during which several people were arriving - late, of course - whilst they presumably set up the special equipment or whatever... Anyway, we then saw a trailer for another 3D movie staring Brendan Fraser (which looks bloody awful as a film in its own right, but the 3D stuff seems amazing).

I don't think there are many who haven't seen the film, but I will cut nonetheless because of uber-special 3Dness.

Quite strange, really. I get the feeling that stop-motion animation is perfect for this kind of transition, from 2D to 3D, due to the 'solid' nature of it. Generally, there was just lots more depth added to the film, giving the impression that the scenery and characters were properly positioned in a real world.

Highlights included the shot of Jack looking inside the Christmas Door, fog pouring out of the fountain, and also the clouds while Jack was flying. Zero also looked amazing. I'm sure there must have been more than that, but those three stick particularly in my memory. Also, they'd added stars and Burton's original concept drawings to the end credits, again in 3D so they flew out of the screen.

So, it was quite surreal, really. There was one bit in particular where the 3D made previously insignificant details more obvious: in the scene where Sally unpicks her arm to get away from Finklestein, there's a skeleton dangling from the Hanging Tree in the foreground, which I'd never even noticed before.

I had more to say about it yesterday, to be honest, but once we'd got back in and eaten (fish and chips), I was knackered and we both ended up having a nap...

That's all, really. I'm about to make a cottage pie for tea, and not looking forward to work tomorrow...
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