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New Tattoo - suggestions wanted.

On Saturday I am buying Paul a new tattoo, which has obviously given me the urge to get a new one.

So I am planning on getting this:

tattooed on my person somewhere.

It's the old Catatonia logo from the mid-90s, although they only used it on the International Velvet and Equally Cursed and Blessed album spines (and the CD of the former) before ditching it for whatever reason.

I've always thought it was a pretty cool design, whilst still being obscure enough that nobody will really know what it is. Plus it looks sort of vaguely spirally, thus indulging my love of spirals.

The question is - where do I get it?

It won't be as big as the picture shows - probably about 3cm across, maybe smaller (I'm going to print it off at various sizes to see which is best) because cost is an issue and because it's mostly unbroken lines and circular (hence difficult to draw). I pondered maybe the inside of my lower arm but possible future job prospects may be jeopardised by doing so.

There are several places out of bounds:


Right shoulder - masks (see icon)
Lower back - tramp stamp purple rose
Left hip - baby unicorn
Right arm - rabbit, apparently celtic gem thingy
Left collarbone - beginning of POTO tatt (mask)

Taken in future:
Left arm - kartouche
Left shoulder - was meant to be Catwoman, though I may concede unless last_dance ever finishes the picture. :P
Left leg - will be eventually covered in various different stars - but not until I lose some weight.
Right leg - is horrible, but I always wanted something NBC related on there
Belly - once mole is removed, filigree-heart-shaped design around navel.

I like those inner-arm tattoos although they probably hurt like bloody hell, so I'm a bit stumped.

Suggest body parts! I, er, also want it to be visible (at my discretion) so nothing rude please. :P
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