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As the previous post was f-only and I didn't want to spoil the flow of it, here's a proper post for today.

There's nothing to do here again. I really hope it picks up next week or I'm going to go a bit mad.

To-do list for this weekend:

~ take down kitchen tube and take it to Homebase to get a replacement.
~ go to cinema to see Enchanted.
~ take down Christmas tree / decorations and rearrange furniture.

Not getting tattoos any more because I can't afford it - we don't know how much Paul's will cost, let alone mine, and anyway I can't decide where to get it. I must thank everyone for the great mass of responses. *rolls eyes*

Still no snow in Birmingham. Although given the absolute ridiculousness of last year's snow, I'd much rather it wait until the weekend anyway. Three hours to get home (a maximum 40-minute journey) is really quite unacceptable. I am aware that if I drove it would have taken just as long, but at least I wouldn't have been freezing, and the car wouldn't be full of people bloody moaning, and there wouldn't have been stupid bus drivers. Bad weather brings out the most obnoxious qualities in us all, especially where public transport is concerned. Queues? Push through 'em. Buses? Crowd onto them. Safety? Save it for good weather. It's insane.

I still don't quite believe that in the 21st century a city like Birmingham can come to a complete standstill when it snows for more than 24 hours. A lot of this is to do with the fact that most of the road layouts are just plain stupid, and people turn into self-centred idiots when faced with the problem of getting home in bad weather. But still. You'd think we would have solved it by now.

Anyway, that's enough about that. Snow at the weekend would be delightful, just as long as it can hold off until I'm home and warm.

This week has been far longer than it was. I'm so very glad it's Friday.
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