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I think Anne Rice might be a little bit mad.

I got bored and followed a recent link on pandorasblog's journal relating to Anne Rice reviewing things on Amazon and imdb, and went off to have a look. Rice links her Amazon reviews from her website, assuming - naturally - that her avid fans will be interesting in reading absolutely everything she has to say...

Her review of Interview with a Vampire (the film) is quite amusing. She gives everything she reviews five stars. There's also a 'review' which takes the form of berating people who have left negative reviews for one of her books (part of the Chronicles) because "you're not coming at it from the right angle" or some such.

Perhaps the most amusing to me was her review of the Phantom adaptation.

Five stars, Anne? Really?

This says to me several things:

1) She's never seen the musical.

2) She's either never read the book, or has only read Leroux.

3) She fails at Phantom.

Anyone who can give that movie five stars is wrong in the brain. :P

(I notice, however, that she hasn't reviewed the Queen of the Damned movie. Clearly wasn't pleased with that one, then.)
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