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Movie-filled weekend.

This weekend has mostly been about seeing films...

On Saturday we headed out first thing to get a new tube for the kitchen light, which has now been cleaned of the dust and dead insects and made everything a lot brighter.

In the afternoon, we then set out to see Enchanted, dragging Lisa along with us. It was an unashamedly silly film, really. I like the in-jokes in particular, like the restaurant being called "Bella Notte" (from Lady and the Tramp) and two Sound of Music references (a direct reference as Giselle runs up a hill, arms outstretched, and also the fact that she made dresses out of curtains). I'm sure there must have been more than that but it would warrant a re-watching to find them.

I also liked that the animated parts reverted to more traditional animation styles, rather than the newer, angular modern styles of Home on the Range and Hercules.

The guy playing Prince Edward actually looked like a cartoon character, which was amusing (he reminded me of the guy playing Gaston when I saw Beauty and the Beast). The funniest moment for us was Lisa giggling like a loon at the chipmunk pooing a peanut, which set me off as well...

Susan Sarandon was also brilliant, if a little under-used.

Generally, I like[d] it, to mis-quote the Duke. :P

As for trailers, I still want to see Penelope, I'm still amused by the bit in National Treasure where they go to "Bucking-hayam" Palace (dumb Americans), and I now also want to see The Water Horse, which would probably be less interesting if it didn't play on the Loch Ness myth. But before that, there's Sweeney Todd on 25th January.

After the cinema we went for a drink at the Figure of Eight and then moved on to Bacchus for another, except by that point my stomach had started playing up again. It's not been right since Tuesday. I had cranberry juice at Bacchus which seemed to help. We got a taxi back nonetheless.

Of the evening, Paul and I rented The Ex off the On Demand service, a strange comedy staring Zach Braff. Quite good, though.

Sunday mostly involved three hours of EastEnders (OMG drama!) and taking down the tree. And then renting Magicians (again from On Demand) in the evening, which was also quite good. It's a shame that Mitchell and Webb are only capable of playing the same kind of characters, though...

Today, my back is playing up again, as is my stomach (I'm hoping the latter wil clear up after lunch), so no swimming tonight... Paul is off to play badminton at 9.15 and I think I'll sit around doing nothing, or perhaps use those bloody cranberries in the fridge...

Oh yes, also on Saturday I spent too much money. I got Paul some new work shoes, which were a necessity because he's literally walked through the old ones, and I managed to pick up some trainers for £4.00. Given they're a fairly recent designer release, £4.00 is a bargain.

We also went into Virgin / Zavvi, where I spent £30. Obviously, I didn't have my vouchers with me. Also, it should have been £23. I picked up the second Cerys Matthews album in a cardboard cover, which was marked as being £5, but they charged me the full £12 when I got to the till. So I have to take that back later to try and get the £7 back. I also got another Cerys Matthews EP entirely in Welsh. This is the main reason I want to learn Welsh, so I can find out what she's singing about. Cerys's Welsh stuff always sounds oddly haunting - for all I know, she could be singing about kitchen sinks. :P

I also got two CDs in the 2-for-£10 offer, one for me and one for Paul; mine was Panic! At the Disco, which I meant to buy some point last year and forgot all about... Paul's was a Rage Against the Machine album. The box is broken for the PATD one, though, so I'll see if they're willing to change that later, too. This is why I've always preferred HMV - both times I've had a broken CD box from there, they've replaced it at the till. And, what they say on the label is generally what the price actually is. Stupid Zavvi.
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