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New CDs

Well, I got my £7 back. Unfortunately Zavvi didn't have any spare jewel cases to replace the broken one... What kind of self-respecting music store doesn't have spare CD cases? Anyway, I replaced it with the case off Paul's new CD, as the back insert of his was just plan yellow...

I left work at 3.30 yesterday, mostly because my back was hurting again - I don't think I slept very well on Sunday night because my stomach was playing up, which might account for it. Luckily said stomach seems to be settling. At least leaving early gave me a chance to get to Boots (for more co-codamol; I've lost the ones from the hospital in our black hole of a flat) and Zavvi when there were no crowds...

Once home I reset the heating controls to come on at 4.15 instead of 5.00, as I am frequently home before the house warms up, and then sat down to listen to the new CDs.

Firstly, Panic! At The Disco. I can only describe this as indie disco pop. The song titles are nonsensical and the lyrics are shambolic, to say the least, but it's quite irritatingly hummable. There was also one that I'd already heard, although I have no idea quite how, given I never listen to the radio any more... must rectify that situation... Anyway, it's good. There's a track in the middle called "Intermission" which starts as a basic dance track and then stops and turns into a 'piano concerto', which eventually becomes discordant until the entire thing falls apart. Interesting.

I listened to the five-track EP before going onto the main Cerys album. It's entirely in Welsh (and, as the recording label's little leaflet says inside, it's probably the only entirely Welsh album produced in various bits of America) and is described as "late night pop". I call it "background music" or "dinner party music" - which isn't to say that it particularly disappears into the background, but that it's non-offensive, tuneful and - because it's in Welsh - you don't have to concentrate on the lyrics.

Some of the lyrics sound quite familiar, but until I can get hold of them properly (there's no booklet, alas), I won't be able to tell if she recycled them. The tunes are very pretty, though.

And finally, although admittedly in two bits, I listened to the second album, which also contains a Welsh track at the end, "Elen". It has much the same feel as "Cockahoop" although perhaps a little calmer; "What Kind of a Man" is this album's "Only A Fool", in that it sounds a lot like Catatonia's mid-90s stuff. The lyrics are quintessential Cerys - high imagery and metaphor, initially nonsensical, totally brilliant. As Paul came home midway through and I couldn't listen to it all the way through in one go, it definitely warrants a second listen, so I shall doubtless post about it again at a later date...

Other than that, I played a lot of Picross on the Gameboy (I got a craving for it and don't have the DS version yet...), cooked a pork-based bolognese type thing for tea, and watched The Others on BBC2. I've seen that film about five times now and I still don't completely know if the father is dead or not. The film never really makes it explicitly clear; Kidman's character does confirm it, but she's not really of sound mind at that point... I even went to the usually-reliable IMDB, but there was as much speculation there as ever... Possibly I should watch the DVD copy I've had for years to see if there's any revealing featurettes...

I've also nearly finished reading Russell Brand's My Booky Wook; there's something quite addictive about it. He's a human car crash, really.

First choir rehearsal of the season tonight, so I'm at work until 6.00 again. I stayed in bed until 8.00 this morning because I was knackered, and was only 15 minutes late for work anyway... Although 'late' is relative when you have flexitime.

At least the work is fairly fluid today...
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