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Further musical ponderings

I listened to Never Said Goodbye again last night twice through. The overall feel is quite different from the first album, Cockahoop. Where that album was about new-found freedom and lease of life, this one is calmer and more confident, and generally seems a lot more adventurous. Cockahoop was quite content with itself not to venture from similar-sounding tracks; Never Said Goodbye has more variation in it.

Cerys seems to have gone back to her roots quite a lot, as a few of the earlier tracks sound a lot like Catatonia's mid-90s stuff. In fact, the whole thing feels quite similar to Equally Cursed and Blessed, as there are louder and softer tracks throughout. The final, Welsh track, "Elen", reminds me a lot of "Gyda Gwen" from Way Beyond Blue.

My favourites at the moment are "Open Roads", "This Endless Rain", "Morning Sunshine" and "Seed Song", four of the middle, more laid-back tracks, although they are all quite annoyingly hummable in their own way.

"Oxygen" in particular reminds me of Paper Scissors Stone (the band's last album), and "What Kind of Man" is incredibly reminiscent of Cerys's old drunken-sounding warbling (see "Shoot the Messenger") for all its shortness.

The weirdest part is the 'hidden track', which kicks in about 3-4 minutes after the last song and consists of some drums and something spoken in Welsh. A bit pointless, I suppose (would help if I knew what it said...) but goes to show that some people will listen long enough to find out if there's a surprise at the end. :P And at least it didn't scare the life out of me like "Gyda Gwen" did the first time I heard it...

Generally, I really like it. I remember when I first bought Cockahoop that I listened to it incessantly, and I have a feeling Never Said Goodbye is going to be the same.

I am quite tempted to join the forum on her website, except that, from experience, forums are bad for my health, no matter how friendly the people seem to be. I end up being too opinionated for my own good, although in this case it would be nice to find some bloody people to wax lyrical about Catatonia at...

I'll probably watch it for a week and see how things go... Apparently there may be a Catatonia reunion in 2008. Which would be wonderful. I'm hoping that her appearance on I'm A Celebrity will have pushed her back into the public eye again...

Last night I also decided to take the PC apart (in a manner of speaking) to see if anything was loose, as it's been playing up horribly for the past few days. Nothing appeared to be wobbling, but I did clean the dust off one of the drives, which might have had something to do with it. In any case, it then started first time and kept on going even though I was - shock! horror! - asking it to play Flash games... I suppose later tonight will be the test, though.

This week has been looooong. At least it's nearly Friday. I keep thinking I'm meant to be doing something this weekend but I don't think I am..
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