T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
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*falls over*

Fanfiction.Net have finally brought back non-conventional punctuation to their story summaries.

Bearing in mind their idea of 'non-conventional punctuation' included hyphens, slashes, plus symbols, brackets (!!) and occasionally even ellipses. Now we can finally notate pairings like we're supposed to. So I've gone through my story list correcting the originally grammatically perfect fic summaries which FFN saw fit to strip of all of the above, thus making them completely incoherent.

I imagine they did this in an effort to stop stupid txtspk happening, but JESUS. Banning slashes just took it a bit too far, and was so monumentally stupid I even considered starting a petition...

Anyway. They're finally pulling their heads out of their arses. Thank god.
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