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That was quite strange and unusual...

I was up until 1.00am last night (this morning, even) writing fanfic. :) I opened up the beginning of my new Ugly Betty fic ("Strange Glue", based on the song) to have a look at it, and the tweaking became new writing. Annoyingly, it's going to end up being a chapter-fic, as it's become a lot longer than I was intending. My "burst balloon" theory strikes again... (I was going to link to the entry which mentioned said theory, but I'll be damned if I can find it.)

Felt good, although I have a late-night hangover as a result. Please not to be going back to the regular Sunday headaches? Thx.

Other than that we did precisely nothing yesterday... Oh, I went to the post depot to pick up my parcel from Katie. She got me a cookbook and a Wizard of Oz t-shirt that says "Be gone! Before someone drops a house on you, too!" Possibly if I ever get to see Wicked I may wear it - assuming it's a matinee, obviously. :)

Nothing else to report...

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