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It's kind of bizarre how the universe starts to conspire against you when you're approaching PMT...

Having said that, work seems to have mellowed me a bit - or it could just be the coffee...

The traffic was awful this morning around by St Martin's / Moor Street. Everyone had pretty much ground to a standstill and was stuck for about five minutes. In the end I got off a stop early and walked from St Martin's (up the bloody great hill) to work - I was only 15 minutes late by the time I'd been to Pret for coffee and a croissant... Of course, I happened to wear a shirt today, which now has delightful sweat patches due to the walk...

Executive decision: I'm making a doctor's appointment when I take my prescription in. This is for two reasons:

1. I need to get a referral for physio for my back. Lisa has also recommended acupuncture, but I suspect that will not be as free as NHS-provided physiotherapy. As there will doubtless be a waiting list, I can at least content myself that light exercise (i.e. swimming) will also help a bit.

2. I've nearly run out of pills, which is a perfect opportunity to ask about trying something different. I'm getting very fed up of the annoying side effects (weight gain, for one, and I'm convinced the hyper-hydrosis is connected; I only noticed it really during the heatwave, though in retrospect I think it must have started earlier.) As I've mentioned before, I do't want to stop taking them because they balance my hormones to a manageable degree, and my periods are actually regular and can be planned for, instead of being a long-awaited surprise. So really, I just need to ask if another type of pill or method will work to that same, positive degree, but eliminate the side effects. My suspicion is that all of these things work the same, but it's worth a try...

Choir last night was much more entertaining. We didn't do the horrible Verdi (I'm sure I will grow to like it when I know it a bit better) and instead practiced a bit of the Borodin (Russian's brilliant to sing), a women-only bit of Carmen with Adrian ("The Card Song") whilst the men did a men-only bit with Colin, and the beginning of the Mahler. Which is absolutely beautiful - lovely haunting dischords. I need to find a copy to listen to, I think... There is an absolutely brilliant top C in the final piece of Carmen (in "The Toreador's Song") right at the end, which I can actually, surprising, hit. I can only hope we're doing that last in the line-up, though...

Another post will house my dream from this morning, so as not to make this entry too long. I need to get into the habit of filtering the dreams properly. I've had lots of bizarre dreams of late that I keep forgetting to write down, another habit I need to break.

Wrote more of the UB fic last night, though it was mostly pointless ramble to get it to the place I wanted it to be. Chapter 1 is pretty much done, though, so I'll try and post it tonight.

That's about it. Dream post next.
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