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Woo, writing!

I tried to do a brief post last night to say that the first chapter of my UB fic is now up on FFN, but LJ was on the fritz. I think the daniel_betty post posted, but then it wouldn't connect again. I don't have the link to hand, but it's called "Stange Glue" if anyone wants to read it... My profile is here and it's the first in the list...

My Muse has returned with a vengeance, it seems. I finished chapter two last night (though it needs tweaking) and then made a start on the first section of chapter three, plus some chapter / plot outline, when I went to bed. And then while I was trying to sleep I came up with a bit more for the ending. I need to go and write it all down so I don't forget it. Subsequently, I am absolutely knackered this morning due to the lack of sleep.

Note to Muses: I am very very very glad to have you back, but you need to learn that I have to work in the mornings, and chattering at me into the small hours cannot be done any more. Not to scare you off, or anything, but please respect my adult life. Kthx.

I can only hope, however, that when I start taking my pills again on Saturday (I'm currently in the 7-day break) it doesn't kill off my creativity again by way of balancing my brain. Even though I had the idea for the fic just before they ran out for January, I didn't start properly writing for until Saturday, the first day of being off them, and I've been massively prolific this week...

Because quite frankly, it's more than worth being off the damn things if it means my writing is going to start flowing again, and I might lose this stupid weight. I have St John's Wort if things start to get messy.

I suppose I'll see what happens this weekend, as I was hoping to do a bit more work on the fic. Given that Channel Four still haven't deigned to give us the series back (I suspect this is because there are only going to be a few more episodes in the US before it goes on strike-hiatus again) there's not much else I can do to fill the fandom-shaped hole...

Oh, and winter_jasmine, I was going to scan my chapter plan for you even though you know nothing about the series, just because I know you like first drafts. It's green and scribbly - interested?
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