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This weekend.

It feels like Friday today, but for some reason Thursday always do - I think it's because of the dressing down at the end of the week.

Here is a to-do list for this weekend. Obviously, something will come along to scupper my plans, as it always does (my guess is something PC-related) but nonetheless, here it is.

~ Tweak chapter 2 of "Strange Glue" and post (preferably Saturday).

~ Type up beginning of chapter 3 (Daniel) and work on rest of it.

~ New LJ layout?

~ Trek fiction page for website? (I have forgotten all of my m4d HTML skillz.)

~ Maybe work on "Rain..." because it's way overdue. Ditto all other fics.

~ Clean lightswitch by living room with magic Astonish cleaner stuff.

~ Clean hob (again).

~ Do some washing.

That's probably more than enough, to be honest.

Right, now I need to write down what the Muses were lobbing at my brain last night and get on with the typing pile. Noor is now on leave until mid-February so watch this space for more typing-stealing-related moaning. ;)
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