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New PC - again.

Well, we have it. Pentium III and 10GB HDD, of which there are about 3 remaining after installing vital software and transferring over the files I couldn't live without (mostly some pictures and my various writings). I have been rather spoiled with 60GbB over the years, clearly.

I might see if I can do the same again and stick the old 60GB HDD in here as a spare drive for stuff like that, especially as I won't be able to get very much music on here at all...

At least when you click something it reacts. And I can actually access my bloody Yahoo!Mail again, FINALLY. It's generally faster and also, I can barely hear it. No wonder I had so many headaches before, with that bloody great monster roaring away all day...

Sooo, yeah.

It's free, and it'll more than do until we can afford an actual new PC.

I made a start on uploading my Paris / EuroDisney pics to Facebook last night (which took hours because the proper uploader just plainly refused to work properly) and will post the links when I've made the remaining albums.

Over and out.
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