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Monday morning update.

Well, I don't think my foot is broken - turns out the ankle bandage was actually making it worse. I can walk on it okay, though still limping a bit and need to be careful on kerbs or anything remotely pointy because it hurts like a bugger.

Just as well, as otherwise I would have been unsure about swimming tonight. Not so much about the actual swimming but walking around the pool - I'll have to play it safe as it is, but at least I can walk on it, which is more than I could manage yesterday.

I don't think I went out for the entire weekend, come to think of it. I spent the majority of Saturday on the new PC either installing stuff or just playing around on it (nice to have things work when you click on them...) and as Paul went out for metalmikey666's birthday do, I had it to myself for the night. Wrote lots of fic and am definitely feeling the fandom love returning, though at this stage I think one new fandom (plus old ones to a less extent) is more than enough to be coping with at the moment, and I'm staying clear of being an opinionated presence at the moment. Trying to build a reputation through fanfic instead, as that's usually a lot more fun, and makes me feel a bit enigmatic. :)

On Sunday I also didn't go out due to having a headache and a sore foot, though I mostly blame staying up until 1.45am for the former... I had a shower and went to bed early and wrote a bit more of the uneventful chapter four of my fic. Three is just about finished but my plan is to stay at least a chapter ahead of myself. Also, as far as Muse-awakeness is concerned, I've been back on my pills for two days and so far, so good. I'l give it another week, but it looks like they're not going to kill my creativity off. :)

My mum is bringing me their external zip drive on Saturday (nobody wanted it on ebay!) and I need to investigate external hard drive costs and capacities*, because I cannot work with 10GB and I need to change my MP3 playlist... meant to do it before I swapped PCs and completely forgot. I could do with re-ripping my music anyway. Starting from the beginning, rather than doing random CDs. Maybe a couple a night, just to get it over with.

That's about it.

Still finding this sudden burst of new writing quite strange to get used to, but god damn, it feels good. I'd forgotten what it was like to have the ideas in my head actually translate to words on paper... Not particularly pretty words, at the moment, but it's better than no words at all...

Well, better do some work, I suppose.

*Wow. PC World are total rip-off merchants. The cheapest external hard drive they do is £75, and I don't even WANT 160GB. Christ's sake, 40 would do... Ebay here I come...
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