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A Few Rambling Ponderings

Fandom dream last night (filtered), about Ugly Betty. The hiatus is killing me, and also, I'm somewhat annoyed that Channel 4 have done nothing to explain what's going on. For those not so enlightened by the online fanbase, it seems like the series has ended after six episodes... people could be forgiven for thinking it's been cancelled. They also said it would be back in January, apparently, but given today is the last Friday in January and it's not on tonight, I think they might have been lying. I can understand that they don't want to show four episodes and take it off again, but by the time they finally deign to show it we're going to be so far behind the US that spoilers are going to be impossible to avoid. I've already spoiled myself (deliberately, admittedly) for the next two episodes and that was bad enough.

Well, at least it's on at a sensible time. If the BBC had gotten their hands on it, I dread to think what might have happened. And if Sky One had gotten it first, I would only be pissed off with Virgin even more than usual...

I'm quite glad that the Muses woke up, really, otherwise the lull would have made me lose interest entirely by the time it had rolled around again. Fanfic keeps me sane; it always has done. Admittedly, gaps are usually between seasons, not during, but nonetheless, I think my current flurry of fanfic activity has kept me alert, in a fandom sense.

I can only hope that this, like so much else even remotely intelligent these days, doesn't get an untimely cancellation. I would hope it's just 'dumb' enough for the average American viewer to 'get it', unlike, for example, Dead Like Me or Carnivale, which were both clearly too dark/clever/story-based. Which is odd, because the popular things like Buffy and The X-Files were also story-based, but they grew up with their fanbase and seemed to fill a niche or hit a nerve.

We just need to adopt all the writers and bring them over here where they're appreciated. Britain does produce some bloody brilliant television when it sets its mind to it (Jonathan Creek, Life on Mars, to name but a few) but it takes years for new series to appear, rather than months, and the BBC doesn't have as much money to throw at things as American TV networks. (Quite WHAT they spend our licence money on is debatable, really...)

I bring up this rather trivial annoyance at this particular moment mostly because, right now, I really want to hide my head in the sand and wait for things to blow over. I think the anticipation that 2008 was going to be much better than 2007 did not prepare me sufficiently for anything going wrong, and as a result I just... want no part of it. I want escapism and for life to stop being unnecessarily difficult. I want life to leave me and my family and friends alone for once.

If my 'third thing' is going to happen, I wish it would just get it over with.

To anyone else out there who is having a similarly bad time, I hope your 'three things' happen sooner rather than later, and then we can all get on with our lives as normal.

Once more, I am so, so glad I'm able to write again. I don't think anyone can appreciate how much of a relief it is. At the moment it's providing me with another form of escapism; perhaps I'm subconsciously pouring all my energy into it so I don't have to deal with anything else. Got to get it perfect, keep writing, make it go away. Except it makes my heart heavy with guilt, because I should be focusing that energy into worrying or stressing or doing something, but I'm sick of worrying and stressing and doing something and I just want to relish in the fact that writing feels so amazing after two years of being dried up.

Bugger off, life. Go and bother someone else.

(Oh, and the typing faga continues: 1 hour and 45 minutes for half a tape this morning. Which is still better than nearly 6 hours for a full tape, but this morning it was an urgent. In my brain, "urgent" translates as "back within an hour" - and she sent an email in the course of typing it. Or more than likely before even starting it. I might take photocopies of our typing book and highlight the offences to Marie when I have my supervision, whenever that is, because it's getting silly. It reflects badly on me and our team's turnover, because when things don't come back within the expected (i.e. 'my') time, I'm the first port of call for the moaning.)

I should sign this off. I'm far too tired to be trying to think, let alone string coherent sentences together.
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