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I appear to have caught a cold. Though, to be honest, it's been trying to develop for a while. I blame the rain yesterday...

Isn't it weird how the cheaper your medicine is, the better it works? I always find that 20p paracetemol from the newsagent works much quicker than that from the chemist, and the same has appeared to be true of cold tablets. (With the exception of Benylin Night & Day, the latter of which are the win. I wish they'd just sell the Night ones on their own, so I wouldn't have to buy the whole packet just to get some sleep... whatever's in them, it works.)

At least it's the weekend, so hopefully I can try and fight it off before work again on Monday.

Today has been really deathly quiet, for some reason, which is especially odd considering it was insanely busy on Monday and Tuesday...

I... don't have anything else to say. The cold has killed my bwainz.
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