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So, we didn't end up seeing Cloverfield on Sunday because Paul caught my cold - fine by me, because mine's gone. ;) I can deal with 24-hour illnesses, thank you. So, instead on Sunday I watched the usual fare of EastEnders, and I have to say, the Dot Branning one-woman-show episode was absolutely amazing. With June Brown being so long-standing on the show it's nice that they treat her character with so much respect, and the entire concept of people giving messages to Jim (or to John Bardon, depending on how you look at it) was executed well. I got a bit teary-eyed at one point (the "everything I've ever cared about gets taken away from me" bit, specifically), which I suppose was inevitable, and the whole thing was just so... low-key and subtle. Marvellous.

I also watched the first episode of Nighty Night on Virgin Central, but I'm not sure I can watch it with the protagonist being so bloody awful... They managed to show series one of The League of Gentlemen just long enough for us not to see the final episode, mostly because it only works sporadically and I'm convinced they only want you to watch one episode per day, because it never seems to work when you try to watch a second one.

Also, I spent the majority of Saturday evening writing the follow-up story (epilogue/sequel) to "Rain Will Make the Flowers Grow", with some additional stuff on paper last night, which is now nearly complete. I'll post the final chapter of "RWMtFG" tonight and then get the sequel finished up to post at some point, and then I can get back on working on "Strange Glue".

Also last night I was struck by another random idea for a fic, but I don't know how easy it would be to pull it off... I came up with the concept of this during a paragraph of the "Rain..." epilogue where Betty considers fairytales, and decided that all the elements are already present for writing a fairytale-esque parody using the characters. Namely: Betty is the princess, Wilhelmina is the evil queen, Ignacio the dying father, and Daniel obviously Prince Charming. At a push, Marc and Amanda get to be ugly sisters, and Hilda the Fairy Godmother... or perhaps Christina, though she could be the dress-making mice. :P And obviously there's Claire and Bradford Meade, who get to be the King and Queen.

I see it being vaguely Shrek-like but I only really got as far as Daniel coming to rescue Betty on a motorbike, and I have no idea why... We'll see. I think we can safely say that my inspiration is well and truly back, and also doesn't seem to have been adversely affected by my pills (having said that, I'm switching to the new ones soon...) I have no idea where this came from, but I'm certainly enjoying it. :D

*hugs Muses tightly* Don't ever disappear on me again!

Who knows, at this rate I might even finish some of my old stuff...

Some point this week I should probably book my coach tickets to London... It's cheaper than Megabus these days, and they're more regular. Hopefully the crowds at Victoria won't be quite so insane as they were the last time I went, as that was the last Saturday before Christmas...

Also: must buy cooking chocolate, chocolate fingers and chocolate buttons for a sekrit perpus. ;)

Nothing to do here again today, other than the usual computer-related problems (I am a helpdesk, apparently). Need to leave early anyway to drop my prescription off (again!) and get some stuff from Somerfield...
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