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Gah. What is it about PC messages - error or otherwise - that renders usually intelligent people suddenly incapable of reading?

Nothing much else to report. We started working on Porgy and Bess last night (or 'Betsy and Porg', as Adrian likes to call it) which was... interesting. Harder than it looked, and has that rather amusing effect of a majortarily white choir trying to sing phonetic African American dialect... There's a section towards the end where we have to basically learn the tune but then, in the performance, copy what the soloist ad libs. Which should be disastrously entertaining, to say the least...

I appear to have managed to poison myself again. As Paul is fine, it must be something I've eaten that he hasn't, and since we had entirely separate meals yesterday, that narrows it down to:

orange + lemon muffin from Pret
two-day-old tuna (unlikely)
bottle of apple juice

Given my stomach is displaying similar symptoms to the last time some off apple juice poisoned me, my vote's on that at the moment. Alternatively, since the muffin had little chunks of orange in it, it could be that my body has gone so long without proper fruit intake that it rejects the very idea of fruit pulp - I also had a dodgy stomach after I tried my first smoothie...

I hope it's just the McDonalds or something...

My insides haven't been the same since the glandular fever, to be honest. I spent the majority of the first two weeks unable to eat anything solid and lost quite a bit of weight (didn't last long, unfortunately) and ever since then the slightest thing seems to make my stomach throw a wobbler. I spent quite a significant period from October 2006 onwards feeling sick every morning (to the point where, if it hadn't have been impossible, I would have suspected pregnancy...)

So, since I just lost all my breakfast, I am eating a biscuit. Carefully.

I think I might start writing down a 'food diary'. It might help to take an objective look at these things so I can see what 'bad foods' I need to cut out... Yes. Starting Monday.

In other news, I've used up my remaining 1.5 annual leave days to extend my easter leave to a full two weeks. I was originally off for all of 12th March and the morning of the 13th, , then Easter, but I've now taken the afternoon of the 13th and also the 14th. So I'm now off from 12-25 March. TWO WEEKS OFF WORK! Hopefully I might get some bloody flat-sorting done at this rate...

At the time of writing (well this paragraph, at least), I am waiting on a social worker to email me her core assessment so I can amend it, as Ian can't get into his email to forward it to me. It's like waiting for paint to dry...

Which sort of reminds me of another silly half-conversation from yesterday - although, like the majority of them, it loses a lot in the retelling.

Gaynor: [on phone to helpdesk] I'm not flashing...
Ian: [overhearing] I should hope not!

Anyway. I should probably do some more work. If and when this bloody assessment ever gets emailed, it'll take me the best part of an hour to sort it out... probably be quicker to retype it.

I promise to post an entry of some substance at some point. I had a few ponderings going through my brain last night about inspiration, but that can wait until it's a bit more coherent...
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