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The Other Side of Work Drinking

Today I feel like death warmed up. But that's okay, because I had a really nice time last night...

A whole bunch of us went out last night for Ama's farewell drinks, as she is running away to London to do a training contract. At the start of the night there was the majority of our team (me, Kate, Ian, Shaan, Sukhwinder, Heather, Ama herself) plus some random others, mostly trainees and clericals. By the end of the night the group had slowly dwindled, leaving only me, Ama, Shaan, Aisha (who left some months ago but periodically turns up for 'socials'), Phil, David and Kal. I think.

I fully intended to slope off quietly after one drink, but I was having such a lovely time I ended up staying for four. And the best thing was I didn't spend a single penny on my own drinks all night...

First, Sukhwinder bought me a glass of rose, which was quite nice and lasted me the best part of an hour. There was a bottle of Pinot Grigio knocking around which I had another glass of, then there was a period of gossiping in the toilets with Shaan and Ama, upon our return there were several shots of Baileys and 'cranberry juice' for me (which it wasn't, as it was definitely alcoholic - turned out to be "cranberry juice and something" according to David) which we heartily necked, and then Ama bought me a double vodka and pineapple juice (I asked for a single...)

So that explains the hangover, at least. I think I may have been talking too much; I told my life story to at least three separate people, spent a long time with Kate explaining the Derren Brown 'system' programme that was on the other day about horse-racing, promised to type up Shaan's dissertation for money, kept assuring Ama that I would let her know when I would next be in London, half-arranged to take Heather trampolining, and also agreed to see Sweeney Todd with Shaan next Wednesday as we both want to see it again - hopefully to make cinema lunchtimes a regular feature for the team in general assuming we can find films that aren't too long...

There's a picture on my phone of the remaining stragglers which I'll probably post later...

Food wise, Ainul bought three bowls of curly fries which were devoured around the table, and then Ama bought about five bags of McCoys - the staple diet of the hardened drinker: the Communal Crisps.

The vodka pretty much did me in, I think - since I don't drink much these days I'm a complete lightweight, and had forgotten the golden rule of not mixing drinks - and I disappeared at about 10.30 to go home. Ama was possibly more drunk than me as she was very clingy, Aisha said she'd let me know when they were going out again (preferably not mid-week!) and yeah, it was just really nice.

They're a good crowd of people, and as I was drunkenly saying to Paul when I got back last night, as much as the Christmas support team meal was good, too, the WPO pool is a little... dim. They're all nice people still, but, you know, not the brightest bulbs in the box. It was totally different last night, spending time with these solicitors and general legal types who have a level of intelligence, law degrees... I was the only WPO at the main table, and the clericals were originally sitting on their own just off to the side, and I didn't feel out of place in the slightest... Like, you know, I wasn't just a lowly typist, I was on the same level. It's hard to describe, and I suppose after Ladywood and Sandra spending her entire working day trying to make me feel inadequate (oh, the irony), it's a surprise that these people who have every right to look down on me will just talk to me like a human being with ideas and thoughts and things to say...

Yeah. I wasn't expecting to have such a nice time when I went out, if I'm honest. Big social gatherings do tend to exhaust me, but the added bonus of alcohol at least made me lighten up a bit. I wish I'd gone to the Christmas do now, so maybe next year...

So, yeah. A lovely evening. Hangover not so fun, nor was being awake half the night reliving the pizza we had on my return home (I left Paul starving as I wasn't intending to be out so late - he went out for drinks too and beat me home!) and being too hot, so I'm understandably exhausted... I managed to drag myself in for 9.15, mostly due to traffic, and fully intend to have comfort food for lunch and scuttle home at 4.30. Flex be damned.

I'm starving. I had a piece of bread and butter this morning due to feeling a bit delicate, but am now regretting that decision. The bus journey into work made me feel sick, though, so it's probably just as well... I need stale Doritos, they're a great hangover cure. Something about the slightly chewy texture and the corn, I think...
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