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Valentine's Day.

So, we didn't end up seeing Sweeney Todd after work in the end because everyone except Gaynor and I had something urgent to do... so we've agreed to move it to next Friday, although I will have to further move that to Thursday instead I think, as on Friday we're going to wagamama for David's birthday...

Today has been mostly lazy - didn't get up until after 11.00 after a horrible dream involving Paul being stupidly drunk and me shouting at him, and some other randomness I don't remember too vividly. Then he went out to get ingredients for the Italian recipe I'd decided to attempt this evening, whilst I sat and copied a bunch of CDs for Eni. Tomorrow I will work on the covers, which is mostly just scanning so shouldn't take too long...

For our meal this evening I cooked a chicken-mushroom-gorgonzola-penne concoction which was very nice indeed despite halving the recipe but forgetting to halve the sauce. Managed to save it nonetheless. There is plenty of it left over, too.

Right, now I need to damn well finish the fic I'm supposed to post tonight, although it looks like it might end up being in three parts rather than two as I intended... never mind.

Another lovely meal to look forward to tomorrow at the local French restaurant. And also another day off work, which is always welcomed in any form...
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