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We ended last night's rehearsal - well, the very top soprani, anyhow - on a top C. A really long one. And were then instructed to warm down again, which somewhat ruined the euphoric effect...

Aside from that one good thing, though, I'm getting a little annoyed with those few members who keep trying to turn the lazy phonetics of Porgy and Bess into Proper English. Like, turning "Promise' Lan'" into "PromiseD LanD", or not reading the lyrics properly and turning "yo'" (i.e. "your") into "you". Gah. You'd think with all our other stuff having to be perfect in terms of pronunciation, the chance to let it slip would be appreciated, but apparently not.

Must find a copy of the film, if it exists... I'm fairly sure it does, but I might be confusing it with Carmen Jones... (Edit: It does exist; they have it on Amazon... I keep meaning to do a big Amazon shop and then have no money whenever I remember...)

Anyway, apart from that little annoyance, it was mostly a good rehearsal. Adrian is on holiday for a few weeks so we're being directed by someone called Julian - I can't remember his last name - who gives us incredibly long warm-ups and takes time making sure everyone knows their notes. Given it's Gerschwin, this is a good thing...

Today = currently boring. At least I can leave early. I am also hungry despite having breakfast before I left the house. Meh. Stupid body. I might see what Pret's soups are today; the mushroom risotto one was gorrrrgeous.

In the lull I have been investigating credit cards and I think I'll go for a Goldfish as their rates are low... Apparently Egg have dropped their 'high-risk' customers (i.e. the ones that were actually paying things off on time and hence couldn't be charged...) and even though Skycard is good, the bonuses are a bit pointless as I don't have Sky. I don't want to give Virgin any more of my hard-earned money, quite frankly, and all the others are too high.

I was going to wait until later in the year but I have no idea when Vicky is meant to be going on holiday - I'm fairly sure she said it was next summer (i.e 2009) but if it's this year I will need some way of paying for it. My plan was to get a credit card to use for Christmas presents which I could then pay off over the rest of the year, but dammit, I want a new camera, and that list of DVD box sets isn't exactly getting any smaller. Besides that, all these huge food shopping trips could do with NOT coming out of my bloody current account.

I've gone 8 years without the need for a credit card, which is fairly good going. Things would have been a lot different if the bank had sent me the student credit card form in the first place, but they didn't... I rang them up to request one and they sent me the wrong form, subsequently refusing me a card because - obviously - I didn't have an income... Given my horrible spending habits whilst at Uni, I suspect this was for the best.

I have mostly managed to live without the need for a credit card, but things are now reaching the stage where one would be quite useful. I think I am now sensible enough to pay it off (that's what direct debits are for; the minimum payment is £5 a month) and not overspend on it and get myself into debt. If it helps me get my current account slowly back into credit, all the better.

(Of course, my inner cynical pessimist is fast-forwarding a year and trying to tell me I will be even more broke than I am now. Shut up, inner pessimist; I will have more money by then. :P)

I shall probably discuss it later with someone who knows more about these things...

Oh, and apparently there was an earthquake last night? I really do sleep through anything...
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