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Yesterday evening was strange...

I got back early and did various household-type bits - washing up, put laundry to dry - and then went online for a bit waiting for Paul to get home from a funeral, at which he had drunk too much and eaten nothing... despite which, he wasn't actually as drunk as I was anticipating.

We used one of our Wetherspoon vouchers to get some food (two steaks and a bottle of wine for a tenner), got back home again at 8.30 and then went to bed. Admittedly I didn't settle down to sleep until about 10.30, but nevertheless... Woke up at 3.20 or thereabouts and then spent hours trying to get back to sleep again.

All in all I've had more than enough sleep to recharge my batteries and yet I am still tired. I wish my body would just decide how many hours is enough and let me know... it's anywhere between 6 and 8 these days. I've also never quite understood how getting too much sleep also results in tiredness... I think sleep is like a drug.

Pretty sure I had some strange dreams but I no longer remember them.

Also, during the couple of hours when I was trying to get back to sleep, my Inner Pessimist kept telling me what a bad idea a credit card was. Even when I am actually decided on something, it seems, I try to talk myself out of it. As this is true of most of my ideas, I shall henceforth apply my "notoriously bad ideas" tag to all credit card-related posts. All of my NBI have usually resulted in a positive outcome (all right, so maybe the second Little Shop trip plunged me into debt, but the fangirling was positive. Shut up. :P) after lots of undue stress, so I hope this will be no different.

I am hungry...

Oh, those yoghurt-coated peanuts I mentioned yesterday - I couldn't finish them (there were FAR too many) so I donated them to the office. Gone within the hour. I think Sandra would have incinerated them. :P

The time has come to start organising my life via to-do lists again... so here we go.

Today (28/02): buy Mother's Day present. The stall where I want to get it from hasn't been there the past few afternoons, annoyingly.

Friday (29/02): Asda shop after work. Alas, without the aid of a credit card. Hopefully it won't come to just shy of £200 this time as it's not Christmas.

Saturday (01/03): nothing, hopefully...

Sunday (02/03): Mother's Day; cooking meal for both mothers who are coming over at 6.00ish.

Monday - Friday (03-07/03): work as usual

Saturday (08/03): again hopefully nothing; buy mini-eggs if not already bought.

Sunday (09/03): make Easter cake for work, as I won't be around for the actual event...

And here is a helpful list of things I MUST remember to get from Asda on Friday:

- chestnut mushrooms
- baby button mushrooms
- butter
- margarine
- Lurpak spreadable
- lemon juice
- gorgonzola
- part-bake baguettes (for garlic bread)
- everything else we've run out of

The first few items are what I need for various cooking activities...

And with that very boring end, I shall sign this one off...
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