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Cider = Evil

This is, I realise, a discovery made by most of us during our teenage years, but still...

Went out on Saturday for Lisa's birthday. I had 2.5 bottles of Thatcher's Dry Cider (7.4%!) and actually felt absolutely fine until I got home... It was a good night (I worked through some issues, let's say), spent mostly at the Green Rooms before moving on to the Rainbow. Paul and I gave up and went home at that point because they wanted to charge £7 to get in...

So, yeah. I was fine until I got home. And then the alcohol kicked in properly. Room spinning, all the good stuff. As soon as the light went out I instantly felt sick and did manage to make it to the bathroom except nothing would come, so eventually conceded to put a bowel by the bed. I threw up a little bit before I went to sleep but managed to pass out until some point in the morning...

Paul got up at about 10.00 and left me in bed with THE WORST HANGOVER KNOWN TO MAN, ohgod. I attempted to sleep off the headache but it just wasn't happening. Paul got me some bread and butter after a while which I stared at for the best part of 30 minutes until the thought of eating sent me straight to the bathroom again, whereupon I threw up my stomach lining. YAY.

I ate the bread and butter (well, half of it) and then went back to sleep again for the next few hours. I had some painkillers at some point because my head and back were aching. I finally dragged myself out of bed at about 2.00pm and went to lie on the sofa instead, and attempted to drink a cupasoup. I managed maybe an eighth of it before I had to go and throw up again (mostly bread, the rest bile - nice) and then had another nap for a couple of hours. I woke up feeling much better, less hungry, not sick, and with less of a headache, so that was something. I ate some Thornton's Viennese truffles and managed to keep those down, watched EastEnders on Replay, and waited for Paul to finish cooking dinner and for Lisa to come up and join us.

Luckily I also managed to keep my dinner down, and was then craving starch/carbs for the rest of the evening so made myself a bowl of pasta with red pesto, which fixed me right up. Yay carbs.

If I'd had some stale Doritos lying around, I suspect things might not have been so awful...

So, yeah, THAT wasn't so fun. This is why I was teetotal for the best part of a year. :P

This morning I'm still suffering a little bit, but I blame the ridiculous amount of sleep I managd to cram in, quite frankly. My body is feeling utterly mutilated by the ordeal so I am comforting it with Pret goodness: coffee for the exhaustion, an egg-and-bacon-baguette for the hunger. And also water, for the detoxing.

Oh, and I tried some asparagus on Saturday, too. Quite bizarre, but okay I suppose. I'm getting on quite well with green beans but the texture is REALLY weird. They squeak when you bite into them! We have yet to tackle the dragon fruit, and I still need to try orange and pineapple. I will defeat you, fruit! *shakes fist*
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