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An slightly less horrible update...

Apart from the Hangover of Doom, the weekend was mostly sedate - or possibly because of the Hangover of Doom...

On Friday night we went to see Paul's mum and brother as it was Noel's birthday, which was quite pleasant. (I had a bottle of Bulmer's Pear Cider, which was okay, but not as good as Weston's...) We came home with a bin liner full of various board games (including some of Paul's geeky war games) so we now at least have Monopoly, which is always good for killing a day or so. ;) Just need to fix the base of the sideboard so there's somewhere to keep them.

We got a taxi back and then walked up to the chippy (thankfully the best, nearest and earliest-closing one, Oceanna, was still open) to get tea, and watched the end of the usual Friday night television fare: Law of the Playground and the repeat of Big Bang Theory.

Saturday was... well, as described, really.

The rest of Sunday involved watching Clueless on E4, as I'd never seen it before. I realise this means I am a wholly unsuitably teenager of the nineties, but anyway, I have now seen it, so all is well.

I was supposed to make an Easter cake for work on Sunday but that plan was effectively thwarted by DYING for the majority of the day. I will make one during my time off and bring it to work after the Bank Holiday, which would make a little more sense, to be honest...

I am very busy for the next few weeks: Alison and I are (hopefully) going swimming on Wednesday instead so I may try and get some more hours in tonight as I need to build flex for next week. Tomorrow Paul is meeting me after choir so we can go to my mum's and stay the night in preparation for driving to London for the Tutankhaum exhibition - as we are there reasonably early I'm hoping I'll get back in time for swimming as it's not until 8.00 at Cocks Moors Wood. *crosses fingers*

Then it's Easter, and I have several chores lined up for my two weeks off... I wanted to start decorating, but will at least maybe try and move some furniture instead so we can put the PC in the bedroom and make a start on our 'book corner' on the landing.

Then I'm back at work on 26th March for three days, leaving early on 31st to go to Derby to see Derren Brown, then on 7th April I'm at a wedding, and then it's our anniversary on 16th April, and then I'm free until August. ;) There are also several birthdays in the midst of this, including Paul's niece's 16th on 1st April.

I can has money?

(Oh, and Goldfish refused me a credit card, but will charge me £2.00 if I want to know why. I'm fairly sure I fit all the criteria on their website, so God only knows why. I'll have to try a different one, I suppose. Bit of an arse, because I wanted to get a new camera and my holiday with Vicky is in January and I currently have no way of paying for it. Although hopefully her dad will just accept a cheque at the time like before, which would make things slightly easier...)

AND, this morning I found the mysterious leak. It's on the landing right outside the bedroom door... I put a bowl under it but from the looks of things that may not be enough. We have a LOT to moan at inform Trevor about... (The light pull fitting in the bathroom is also coming away from the ceiling...)

Anyway, that's that. I shall type this document and then go on lunch.
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