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An overdue update of nothing in particular...

I am still alive...

I haven't done an LJ entry in over a week, but mostly because I haven't done very much... Usually my 'not doing very much' equates to 'lurking about online', it's too damned cold to sit in the corridor on the computer... So, anyway, here's what I've been up to in my week/s off...

On Thursday I did my usual fare of nothing. The other reason I've not been spending too much time on the PC is because the monitor is too high (due to this one being a desktop rather than a tower) and it gives me a crick in my neck... and if I adjust the chair my legs won't fit under the keyboard tray. Inconvenient, but at least the bloody thing turns on...

I believe most of Friday was quite similar... Of the evening we went out with Paul's mate, Tor (who announced she was pregnant), because the going-out for Jen and Dave's pre-wedding get-together didn't happen due to illness... I don't think I could have coped with another night out after last week, though...

On Saturday it was falling_softly's birthday, which was actually mostly quite sedate... The only downside was the Drunken Twat at the table near us who was offended by our very presence, but thankfully he left after an hour or so. Mostly the clientelle of the Briar Rose is okay, but unfortunately the combination of cheap booze and (now, alas) television screens showing the rugby brings in a lower denomination of human life, like the aforesaid Drunken Twat.

Other than that it was a plesant evening. Denise and I watched the boys playing two silly drunken games ("Fizzbuzz" and "I Have Never", the latter of which I loathe and detest), which was possibly more amusing than actually playing. Paul got a little bit annoying on the way home but at least realised that and calmed down again. I think our *ahem* screaming row a few weeks ago helped to clear the air and made me perhaps a little more tolerant. As much as the rows themselves aren't particularly pleasant, they are useful for getting stuff out into the open...

Sunday was lazy...

On Monday I cleaned the kitchen cupboards and rearranged them a bit so we can find things... also made a bit more room in the process, but only just. The rest of the week has involved doing nothing whatsoever except watching my usual fare of Rubbish Daytime Television (This Morning right through to Jeremy Kyle... I know, I know...)

Oh, on Tuesday morning I traipsed up to Selly Oak Hospital to the Dermatology Department regarding the mole on my stomach. The doctor there recommended that I didn't get it removed because the scar that would be left would be more irritating and quite possibly bigger than the mole itself. Not what I wanted to hear... obviously I didn't bring up that I wanted to get a tattoo over it anyway, as he would probably have recommended not doing that, either. He also said that most GP surgeries are quite happy to remove moles themselves once they're happy that Dermatology have cleared them, but, well, my GP surgery doesn't have the facilities to do that, which is why I had the referral to the hospital in the first place. *SIGH*

It was incredibly frustrating and I spent the rest of the day feeling mildly annoyed, to the extent that I didn't bother going to choir. Just, the thought of having to go out again when I was already cold (I had the fire on from about 2.00pm...) and having to keep repeating stuff because it wasn't right... it didn't appeal. We have next week off for good behaviour for Easter, also... Instead, Paul and I went to the pub for tea (local Ember Inns), which was nice. I've been feeling a bit meh since Saturday, to be honest... Mostly I attribute this to the fact that Ali and I haven't been swimming for two weeks for a number of reasons and my endorphine levels are low, but there is also a Certain Issue I'm trying to work through which wasn't helped by Saturday.

Subsequently my productivity thus far this week has been to almost finish my rose embroidery. I should get that done today and then I can finally frame and hang the thing, then work on getting another one started... I find embroidery quite therapeutic, somehow...

(And last night I joined geneandalex, an Ashes to Ashes shipper community, and read lots of fanfic. The Inner Shipper requires feeding, and the Ugly Betty section on FFN has been a bit sparse lately...)

On today's to-do list is to go through the boxes in the attic, but BLOODY HELL, it's cold. Where's spring gone?
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