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Operation: Attic

Well, that was marginally productive. I created a few empty boxes and made some more floor space.

I admit, my main reason for going up there to root through the boxes was to unearth some old toys and have a good play, but I didn't get that far. ;) Instead I have filled up a bin bag, a box of paper and card for recycling, a carrier bag for the charity shop and another carrier bag of stuff to sort through later. Also brought all my various silly character bags (Elmo, etc) down but stil need to find a place to put them... they are currently in a pile on the bedroom floor.

I also uncovered a Box of 80s! I would take pictures but my camera is still broken and I couldn't get the Motorola thing to work and can't be arsed to fight with it again... It is now a Bag of 80s instead. I went through it with a vague nostalgic glee (a lot of it is hand-made necklaces my mum made in my childhood) and a lot of giggling, and have retained it for now to show Paul later, though I'm half-considering holding onto it for costume purposes... stuff like this is always handy. There are lots of bangles ('gold', 'silver' and neon-coloured) and crazy necklaces and a pair of quite horrible plastic earrings which are square-shaped with a round hole in the middle - and if that wasn't 80s enough, they are coloured turquoise and cerise pink in a sort of marble effect. Awful, but brilliant. Oh, and some NEON GREEN SHOELACES, which I just couldn't throw away. I mean, come on - they're NEON GREEN!

I've also got some stuff to put into a Sekrit Packidge for someone on my f-list, which I shall endeavour to send out tomorrow after I've scanned it... Just because I give stuff away doesn't mean I can't not hoard it. ;)

Anyway, that's that. I did some general rearranging up there, too, so there's more floor space, as we're hoping to inherit an exercise bike from Paul's mum which we intend to put by the window in order to watch the world go by whilst getting fit. Hopefully, anyway. It's always worth a try.

And now, I shall have some lunch, watch some telly (Mr Kyle's informative and intelligent chatshow started 40 minutes ago :P) and finish my embroidery, whilst waiting for my back to stop aching. As ever, my body scuppers my plans for further productivity...
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