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Bizarre weather.

When Paul left this morning he informed me it was snowing, however by the time I got up to go to the bathroom at about 8.15 it had stopped. Just before I went out (about 11.30) it was blowing up a hurricane out there and the street's recycling boxes were dancing across the road. Obviously the recycling collectors don't have enough common sense to, say, put them in our front gardens behind walls.

So, I went out wearing a hat and a warm coat, and it turned out to actually be quite warm out there with a cold, refreshing wind, so I got back sweating profusely. Niiiice. Then had to go out again to the post box and to get Paul some more cold tablets from Sainsbury's. They wouldn't sell me two packests of cold tablets and a pack of paracetemol, though, in case I tried to kill myself. ;)

The weather is somewhat akin to being by the sea today: warm with a strong breeze. Lovely. I think spring may officially have sprung.

I tried to put some washing outside to dry on Wednesday, incidentally, but the weight for four pairs of jeans was too much for the washing line to hold and it snapped again, this time at the opposite end. Trevor is apparently back from his holiday because yesterday I looked out and the lawn was mown and the washing line fixed (whilst I was in the attic, presumably), but I've bought a new one from Wilkinson anyway...

My Sekrit Packidge is now winging its way to a recipient on my f-list...
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