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Back to work tomorrow.

Here we are, then, my final day of leave. As ever, I've had lots of time off work and achieved very little, although I suppose slightly more than usual...

We were supposed to rearrange the bedroom furniture on Saturday but that plan was scuppered by Paul having a cold and therefore not feeling remotely inclined to do anything energetic, which is fair enough, I suppose. Really we should rearrange it at the same time as redecorating, but I just had a must-move-furniture vibe going on...

So, Easter, then. On Friday night we traipsed to the Junction in Harborne because Heather had finally passed her driving test and wanted to celebrate. It took ages to get there because the buses were on Saturday service (which, with the 11, might as well be non-existent) and it was the other end of Harborne compared to the bus stop, but nevertheless, the pub was okay. Whilst there I spoke very little (the music was just that little bit too intrusive and the table was too wide, besides which Jen, Lisa and Heather had ensconced themselves into a corner before we arrived so we couldn't hear them at all), practically sat on top of the radiator because we were by the door and it was bloody freezing, and also tried some pistachios, for which I have now acquired a taste. That'll be a decent snack food, at least.

I was still feeling vaguely 'meh' for most of the night (in writing things down in my proper journal, I narrowed this down to the fact that everyone around me is doing all the things I want to eventually achieve, with Heather driving, Jen getting married in two weeks and Paul's mate Tor being pregnant - my body clock is tick-tocking quite substantially) but then it turned out to be PMT as the promised 'spotting' side effect of my new pills kicked in. Not sure if this will be a regular feature or not; at least with the others my periods were regular, so I hope these don't make them irregular again...

Anyway, Saturday we did mostly nothing, I think, except watch Delicatessen. Paul wasn't that impressed, but I liked it. I need to dig out The City of Lost Children again and re-watch it...

On Sunday I cooked a roast pork dinner (which is becoming my speciality; Paul's is roast chicken) and we're having the remains of that in a stir-fry tonight. And of course, I watched the dirge-like angst-fest of Easter Eastenders; I think right now, all the characters are getting right what they deserve: Lucy, Tanya, Ian and Max inclusive. I am following the emerging Phil/Shirley ship with some interest, mind you... The writers have this uncanny way of making previously incompatible characters seem perfect for each other without an obvious shift, which is nice. :)

Yesterday involved similarly doing nothing. We used another two-steaks-and-a-bottle-of-wine voucher to eat at Wetherspoons (must break that habit again...) and watched half of A Scanner Darkly before sleepiness kicked in. Given I'd already watched all of Annie and the majority of Prince of Egypt (which was a somewhat interesting experience given Discovery's 'Egypt Weekend', which I missed most of, unfortunately) I think three films in one day was more than enough to be going on with. Oh, and I think I also watched Mr Bean's Holiday just because it was on, which actually wasn't too horrendous. But possibly only because I like Mr Bean, in that clinging-onto-the-last-vestiges-of-my-childhood kind of way.

Back to work tomorrow, which I'm partially glad about. Being off work gives me rather too much time to think about stuff and I'll be glad of the distraction. Once I finish this entry and my lunch I need to make fairy cakes (change of plan from original idea) for work, but that shouldn't take too long. I only hope I managed to get a bit more sleep tonight than I did last night: I was awake from about 5.00 to 6.45 for no other reason than my brain refused to STFU, but at least I managed to catch up on that between 8.30 and 10.30... strange dreams included.

I suppose I should sign this off...
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