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Back at Work.

So far, not so bad. A bit busy this morning because people in the other teams have been off sick so the work has piled up, but the backlog has now been cleared and it's mostly been quiet.

The fairy cakes seem to have gone down well, too. :)

We had our stir fry last night and it was lovely. I got hold of a Blue Dragon sauce, hoi sin and garlic, which was very nice, although Paul put a few too many green beans in... I mean, I like green beans, but not that many. There was enough left over for lunch today, at least.

In other news, I think my attempt at a good deed may have gotten lost in the post, which is a pain - although having said that, I'll wait a few more days just in case. Why is it that junk mail never gets lost in transit but things you actually WANT to send or receive do? Bloody Royal Mail...

Oh, and yesterday I applied for a Lloyds TSB credit card, one of their online-only offers which has a lower rate than Goldfish. They actually did offer me a card the last time I was in there so hopefully they won't reject me and if they do then obviously their advisor was talking bollocks. I will know in four working days' time. It amazes me how you're supposed to get a credit card in the first place if you apparently have no credit limit... it's like trying to get a temping job all over again (you need X months experience which you can't get because nobody will hire you without it... it's a vicious cycle...)

Going to see Derren Brown on Monday night in Derby, which should be entertaining and/or bizarre. Then a week later it's Jen's wedding, and then another week later it's our anniversary, and then there's nothing until August, thank frell. January to March are an absolute bastard in terms of birthdays...

Anyway, I should probably clock back in...
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