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I bought some more Mitchum anti-perspirant quite recently in the hope that my hyper-hidrosis might have calmed down a little, but it works even less effectively than bog-standard anti-perspirants like Dove. In fact, my previous Dove stick worked better. Given Mitchum is meant to offer 48-hour protection and 'attack the sweat before it forms', I'm not very impressed that it's barely lasting an hour just because I had the audacity to walk a few metres...

The deodorant aspect seems to work, anyway, so at least I don't stink... I just have unsightly wet patches under my arms instead.

The trouble is, these so-called 'super' anti-perspirants - at least the ones which are affordable - don't actually work. The only ones which do are horrendously expensive and contain horrible chemicals. The one I had on prescription ("Driclor") can only be put on at night and stings like WHOA, and even then it only works as long as I don't do anything remotely energetic... like, say, going to the shops at a leisurely pace.

Summer is approaching and I don't want to live like this forever. When I investigated hyper-hidrosis on the NHS website a while ago, there is the option of surgery to solve the problem, but my body will probably do its usual trick of being faintly unwell / annoying but not unwell or annoying enough to warrant major intervention. Not that I would particularly wish to be so unwell as to constantly need hospitalisation or anything (that would be weird), but it would sometimes be nice for a doctor to look at me and decide that actually, yes, there IS an actual problem here.

I mean, look: my back has been giving me problems since I did whatever I did to it back in August 2005, but not enough to warrant anyone actually doing anything about it until it renders me incapable of moving from the agony of a random flair-up - and even then, the referral for physio is non-urgent because it's mostly okay, except when it's not. (Oh, and there's another small rant forthcoming about hospitals being stupid and non-work-friendly...)

Then there's that mole under my navel. I want to get rid of it because it's unsightly and ugly and I want to get a tattoo there, but it's not cancerous or dangerous and hence removal of it isn't recommended because the scar will likely be more unsightly. (I didn't mention getting a tattoo to cover the scar, as I doubted a dermatologist would appreciate the idea...)

Hence, I imagine that if I go back to the doctor about the hyper-hydrosis, no matter how bad and irritating it might be, it will likely not be bad or irritating enough to warrant anything other than stronger, more horrible anti-perspirants which cost a fortune. It also has a lot to do with my not liking to assert myself around doctors in general because of the amount of times they've brushed off my concerns (or lack thereof, as was the case with my asthma...), so I inevitably end up just nodding and agreeing and going along with it...

It's just... so frustrating. And embarrassing. And disgusting and uncomfortable. I can't wear cotton shirts without planning ahead to make sure I've put on my Driclor the night before, and there's no way I can do anything energetic because it will fail.

I probably will go back to the doctor. I think if I use the Driclor regularly it's meant to help the condition clear up, but it itches to buggery when I do so I tend not to use it except for when I plan to wear a cotton shirt or I'm going out somewhere. I'll try and use it regularly again and see what happens. I found that switching between anti-perspirants also seemed to work (if I change brand it usually works to an okay standard for the first few days), but keeping six different types just so my body can readjust to ignore each one in turn isn't very practical, really...

I'm clearly in one of those "the-world-is-annoying" moods lately. As it's only 10.15 and we've already run out of work (and I've done my fire training as well) this does not bode well for productivity today...

I'm going to Primark to swap the blue cords for the next size up later, assuming they have any left... if not I'll just get the £4.00 back or swap it for some tops or something. Primark is very good for basics; it's just unfortunate they display them on those silly tables so it always looks like a jumble sale and is impossible to find anything.

I tried to find a blain black zip-up hoodie in there yesterday as well, but the only one I could find had short sleeves, and was that awful velour stuff. I have a jumper-type hoody (a Nightmare Before Christmas one, in fact) but I just want a plain black one to wear as an extra layer. Nobody seems to sell them any more. I just wish there was a Matalan a bit nearer... I keep meaning to go to the one in Cape Hill after work one Friday and never have the money or remember to do it...

This is yet another rambling entry of not very much substance...

I posted chapter four of "Strange Glue" on Tuesday evening but it hasn't had many reviews as yet (only seven so far) - I'm sure there are several reasons for this. The category has been a bit quiet lately, it's Easter so the student population of FFN are more than likely not around, and the chapter contains no shippy action, only introspection. I know what sells, and as fun as angst may be, people like their shippiness - Ugly Betty's category is probably 95% comprised of shipper-fics, quite a high amount compared to other fandoms. Stuff like Farscape and Buffy seemed to have more individual-character-based pieces but I suppose those series had been going longer and probably had deeper characters... UB is only a couple of series in and has majoritarily shallow characters. ;)

Meh. I suppose I should try and do some writing or something...
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