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The other rant.

Almost forgot: the physiotherapy rant.

They sent me a letter, finally, asking me to ring up and make an appointment. Which is fine, except I have to ring on Monday to Friday between 9.30 to 12.30.

Yeah, possibly you could make yourselves slightly more employment-friendly? I meant to ring up on Tuesday but was so busy I forgot, and if I don't ring within three weeks they'll assume I don't want the physio.

Just... for God's sake, allocate me an appointment. If you're willing to disrupt my morning my making me phone you, you might as well go the whole hog and disrupt my entire workng life. I suppose it's to make sure it's convenient for me, but it's not ever going to be that convenient, is it?

Not only that, I have to traipse all the way over to Kings Norton, for some reason, rather than Selly Oak. I can only hope the appointments end up being late enough in the afternoon that I can go straight home afterwards, otherwise it's a bit of a jaunt.

Hm. I suppose I'd better at least check the Centro site to find out how to get there...
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