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Grumpiness and Ashes to Ashes

Yesterday evening was entertaining. (Can you sense the sarcasm?)

Firstly, though, the saga began at lunchtime when I took those jeans back to Primark to swap to the next size up. The queues in there were absolutely horrendous, although luckily the queue for the Customer Services desk wasn't so bad as everywhere else.

Until I went home, things actually weren't too bad. There was no work from about 10.30 onwards, barely, so I got some writing done for my Jonathan Creek fic... The prologue and first two chapters are complete, I just wish I had somewhere to post it. My favourite part of fanfiction is sharing it, and with a fandom like JC the places to share it are few and far between...

Anyway, I left a bit earlier than usual, having stayed later than I intended to on Monday, and went to Boots to get some more anti-perspirant. I picked up their own brand of "expert" anti-perspirant, going on the theory of cheaper things working better than expensive things (at least in terms of medicine, if not computers...) and this morning it's held out so far... or at least, it's held out better than Mitchum, which is frelling useless.

I was knackered last night, so the entire journey home was annoying, and when I got in I decided to try the jeans on again. Which still don't fit... or... well, they do, but not properly, and they look too tight. I am half-tempted to hang on to them in the event I ever lose weight, but I might as well just get the £4.00 back. So that didn't put me in a very good mood, to say the least.

So I had a lie down for a nap, but sleep wouldn't come because a very long rant was going around my brain which mostly involved various statements addressed to various people/things, telling them to faff off. Only in stronger terms, obviously. Just as well I didn't go on the PC, really, as I would probably have regretted it...

Actually, in retrospect, the evening wasn't as bad as I thought. I was just tired and very grumpy and things had conspired against me... There was also this thing in my head that when I joined the choir my mum promised to go to all the concerts and yet as thus far only been to one, and will only be going to the opera concert in May, but neither of the Mahler performances. Each time there has been a more than valid reason for not going (with the exception of the last Christmas one, which was my own stupid fault for not being organised enough) but to my mind, last night, those reasons were excuses. The difference between the two is quite significant when your brain is on a ranty tangent, obviously...

Paul got back later than anticipated because he'd gone out for "one drink" (my arse...) because a bloke he works with is having a bad time of things, but nevertheless he went to the chippy on the way home. Just as well, really, because I definitely needed some comfort food last night.

I was also a little disappointed with the finale of Ashes to Ashes. Not with the episode itself, per se, but the Inner Shipper is not very happy. I really liked how the episode played out, and the little surprise of Alex's father being the Bowie Clown of her nightmares - that was quite unexpected, although the entire episode was precisely what someone had surmised in a fic I read very recently. Clearly people have been paying more attention than me. For a moment I thought Evan had been responsible for the car bomb as it was his car, but I just thought the way Alex tried so hard to stop things from happening and ultimately failed was brilliantly done, from the car to the 'billboard'. But surely she should have learned from reading Sam Tyler's case files that you can't change the future by affecting the past...? Hm, apparently not. ;)

As to the shipping, I think I may have been expecting more, somehow. It feels a little like they've been stringing us along with a promise and then didn't deliver on it. Although I have to admit I loved the idea of Gene taking care of little!Alex, and her confusion about the fact that he's not supposed to exist. I like that they never give us any clues either way about the true 'reality' of Sam or Alex's past decades so we're never quite sure if they're mad or back in time. I don't think we'll ever know.

Ah, well - at least there's another series. Life on Mars delivered with the Sam/Annie so I hold out hope for Gene/Alex, especially with all the added levels to the relationship. Intriguing.

Today I'm wearing one of my new tops and some new shoes I bought a few months ago, some flat, flexible turquoise pumps. They're still in the sale at Priceless and are incredibly comfy (no foot crampage either...) so I may go and get some more later. I could do with a variety of different-coloured shoes...

I think there's some kind of away day or something today as the only people in are the support staff and the locums, so there is nothing to do. I wish they'd plan ahead for things like this and offer us the opportunity of half-staffing or something, as there's little point in coming into work and being paid to do nothing - you might as well be at home...

Meh. I shall post this now before I spend the rest of the morning rambling about nothing...
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