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"That's interesting..."

I just checked my account online (SO BORED!) and a credit card has miraculously appeared in the list. :) Presumably they're going to give me one, then. Just have to wait for the letter and PIN now. They've given me a stupidly huge credit limit, mind you...

I think one of the conditions of the card was to spend £100 in the first three months or some such - and considering I was going to buy a new camera, that shouldn't be a problem. ;)

I am very relieved. Having a credit card will take the strain off Christmas and large amounts of food shopping, and I will not go mad...

Edit, 16.51: And when I get in, there is a letter from the bank offering me a "guaranteed!!11one" credit card from them, presumably because I applied for one online. The one they are now offering me has an APR of 19.9%; the one I applied for is 11.9%. I think I know which one I'd prefer... It looks like they've sent Paul the exact same letter, mind you, doubtless because our bills account is a joint one. Lulz.
Tags: notoriously bad ideas
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