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That was quite a pleasant weekend...

I don't think we did anything productive on Friday except go to the pub for tea... definitely need to break that habit again, it's getting to be a regular thing.

On Saturday morning Paul went out to the bank to turn his collection of 5p pieces into actual money - £10's worth, in fact. (There's a gigantic box of pennies still to sort out...) Then later that afternoon we braved the awful weather to go and see The Orphanage (or El Orfanata, if you want to be specific) before it stopped showing. As ever, Cineworld pulled firsts on it and treated it with very little respect, but at least we got to see it...

'Amazing' would sum it up quite well. It's only 'presented by' Guillermo del Toro but has his stamp all over it. It reminded me a lot of The Others, in that it had a similar sense of mysterious foreboding and a few genuine jumpy scares, although a lot of people have compared it to The Shining, apparently - I can see that element of it as well.

It has a fairly slow pace, but doesn't drag. The final 15 minutes or so are harrowing (I was clutching Paul's arm like a girl) but the build-up is worse than the actual result, which is very effective. It has a definite air of expecting something awful to happen without anything actually happening, and the couple of truly scary moments are, alternatively, a subtle, unseen terror and a typical jump-out-at-you shock. The majority of it is very psychological, making you feel ever more uncomfortable and nervous but then effectively dispelling your fears of something fantastical and replacing it with something real.

There are a couple of horrible gory moments, but they're not gratuitous in the same way as something like Hostel or Saw - two close-up, horrible injury shots in much the same way as Pan's Labyrinth dealt with the reality of violence, rather than lots of blood for the sake of it. The first of the injury shots is definitely cringe-worthy, whilst the second is more car-crash syndrome - so awful you can't help but look.

One of my favourite parts was probably the section with the psychic medium in the house and her exploration of it, with the voices of the dead children being caught on audio. Mostly this was because it dealt with it better than White Noise (which, whilst scary, wasn't entirely believable) and was actually genuinely unnerving. Also, it reminded me of Most Haunted's better days, and made me happy. :)

One of my favourite scary moments was the first appearance of Tomas during the opening party, as he approaches Laura clad in the sack mask whilst breathing / snorting heavily. It has a wonderful sense of impending doom as she attempts to remove the mask, without ever delivering, but the lurching walk and horrible noises make the scene quite nerve-wracking. My other favourite scary moment was the afore-mentioned final 15 minutes, with everything becoming increasingly more terrifying until Laura's realisation of what really happened.

There are lots more things I could mention that I really liked, but to say any more would ruin it for anyone potentially going to see it. Oh, except I will mention that the make-up on Tomas would be perfect for a young Erik. I live in hope of an adaptation of Kay's Phantom one of these days, and I subsequently collect small deformed boys as a result. Not literally, I hasten to add. :P (Young Scorpius in Farscape during the episode where we find out about his past was also a good one...)

Aside from that, it looks beautiful - the orphanage itself especially - and the script is intelligent, tightly-written and ties up the loose ends nicely without leaving any overhanging questions (unlike The Others, which still retains a lot of its air of "whut?" even after the main mystery has been revealed).

Most definitely recommended - try and see it before your local cinema gives up on culture...

Later that evening we watched The Witches of Eastwick just because it was on, although Paul managed to fall asleep before the end.

Sunday was alternatively lazy and busy. Paul went out at 12.45 to play badminton with Drew - or not, as it transpired, as Drew, having reminded Paul that the clocks went forward, then forgot to change his own watch and was an hour late. So obviously Paul took that as an adequate reason to go drinking. Whilst he was doing that, I did some housework; as ever, one thing led to another, so I cleaned the bathroom, then hoovered the bits from the side of the cooker in the kitchen and cleaned the floor (vaguely), then hoovered the landing, dusted the bedroom, hoovered the living room, and got as far as stripping the bed before I had to have a sit down because I'd not had any food before starting... When I start things I tend to spot other things that need doing.

Paul came back and proclaimed that it was a nice day and we should go out again. He made it out to sound like the most glorious summer day in the history of all summer days, when in fact it was just about average for the end of March - the sun was warm but the wind was cold. Nevertheless, I didn't need a coat. We had one drink in the Pavillion where I got a bit upset because Paul was trying to be nice about supporting me in whatever I decide to do with my life, but the conversation was frustrating me more than it should have done... Then we moved on to the Kings Arms for some food (just sandwiches and some chips, which somehow came to over a tenner...) and a couple of drinks, then went home again.

And then we dyed my hair, which is now red. Not as red as I was hoping, but it's better than nothing. I need to get it cut at some point this week before the wedding on Monday. The back is far too thick so possibly layers may be in the pipeline.

Oh, my credit card PIN has turned up, now I'm just waiting on the card. First purchase will be a new camera, at long last, which Paul will pay for half of.

Tonight we are going to see Derren Brown in Derby, so I'm leaving work at 3.30. I can't decide if I'm more excited about Derren or going to Derby for the evening. ;) It's been a long time, and I do miss it there, especially as it starts to turn into summer...

Anyway, that's this entry done with, I think...
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