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The Stupid. It Hurts - Episode 2

I knew there was something else I meant to post about: this piece of stupidity which I am currently hoping to resolve:

Fact:I am going to a wedding on Monday.

Fact: The wedding is taking place in a hotel somewhere outside of Manchester. I live in Birmingham. I do not drive.

Conclusion the First: I will have to travel to said hotel using public transport: two trains and a taxi.

Conclusion the Second, via Conclusion the First above: I do not want to travel in the clothes I will wear to the wedding. I do not want to attend the wedding in the clothes in which I am travelling. They are two separate things. Therefore, I will need time to change.

Fact: The wedding starts at 2.30pm. We are staying in the same hotel where the wedding is taking place. The letter from the hotel confirming our room booking politely informs us that we cannot check in until 2.30pm. When the wedding starts.

Conclusion the Third: Um?

Yeah. The hotel are dumb. They are hosting (for want of a better word) the wedding, which starts at 2.30, and will not let the guests book in until that time. And they don't seem to think there is any kind of flaw in this plan.

Lisa noticed this before we did, so with any luck we can resolve it. It's just... THE STUPID KILLS ME. Nearly every single hotel I have ever stayed in has a 12.00pm check-in time. (We also have to check out again by 10.30 the next morning. AFTER A WEDDING. WHERE THERE WILL BE BOOZE AND DRUNKEN PEOPLE WHO WILL NOT GO TO BED UNTIL 5.00AM!)

Well, they certainly won't be getting any wedding business off me. Weddings are quite stressful enough, without the added hassle of messing your guests around. I suppose we'll have to eat our meal within 15 minutes or lose our table or something equally ridiculous, or not be allowed to stay up past 11.00pm celebrating in case we disturb other guests.

*rolls eyes*

I'll be glad when April is over.
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