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Having managed to get the Samsung PhoneTools software to work with Paul's phone, I come bearing some photos. :)

Firstly, this is a photograph of the fantastical uber-chocolatey chocolate cake of uber-chocolatey dooooom, which I made for Eni's birthday...

Mmmm. It was as nice as it looks, believe me. ;)

Next we have a selection of photographs taken on my phone at Derren Brown on Monday. The first two have come out very small, for some reason. I can only imagine it's because I was zoomed right up close so it decided to randomly crop them. Anyway.

Sequencially, they are as follows: first two taken from the stage door whilst waiting to go through, third one taken on the approach, and fourth one taken after proclaiming "Hello, I'm the lady with the camera" after being introduced - which was apparently the right thing to say, as Derren stood still for a posed photograph. I am nothing if not a professional lurker. ;)

Finally, here's the signature:


That's all. There are further photographs on Paul's Facebook that he took using his six-photos-at-once thing but I have no idea if they're public. I think most people who read this will have him added there anyway and will have already seen them...

Icons coming hopefully this weekend, and possibly an LJ layout or two. I have a few ideas up my sleeve, anyway...
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