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Thank anything, my stomach seems to have settled itself today. Mind you, yesterday I threw as much at it as I could: cranberry juice, Tums, baked potato, and tuna sandwiches later in the evening using the remainder left over from lunch. I also had a bath, which seemed to help a bit...

Paul went out last night so I spent the evening reading fic. I've been re-reading a Buffy fic I abandoned during the going-insane period, Eurydice's "Promise of Frost". I think I'd stopped reading at about chapter 15, and there are 55 in total. I got to about 46 last night and then gave up. I admit to skimming through some of it to get to the Spuffy goodness, but I'll probably read it properly at some point. Having exhausted the Ugly Betty category's offerings for the evening, I was bored...

Work lasted until 10.50 today and now I have nothing to do. I should really work on some writing, but I'm in the position where all my fics are either at home or at a boring point where nothing happens. I keep re-reading old notes for things and getting reinspired, but only for the fun bits. ;) The parts that lead up to the fun bits are usually my stumbling block, unfortunately... talking of which, I need to get back to work on "Strange Glue" - chapter five is half-finished and I haven't even made a start on six yet.

Still, the reinspiration is something.

I have something to post later on from this morning's Metro which completely broke my brain, incidentally...

Now I'm bored again. Meh. If I could find the Metro thing on the website I'd post it now, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be there. Also this morning, I'm sure I spotted an article headline about Derren Brown whilst skimming, clicked somewhere, went back, and it had gone. Hm. Worthy of Mr Brown himself... Is it a Jedi mind trick? Ironic, most definitely. ;)
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