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I've been intending to do this entry for ages and keep forgetting. I was reminded of it last Monday at swimming with herringprincess during one of our usual weird conversations.

Anyway: Eddie Izzard quotes/notions that would make good band names. :)

Apparently there is a band called 'The Hair Thieves', and that provoked me to come up with a few more... Feel free to add to the list. :P (Also, bonus points to anyone who can complete the full quote...)

Hairnets and Dogfood
Earwig Chutney
Spider Gravy
Cake or Death (obvs. :P)
Covered in Bees (with optional extra 'eeeeee's :P)
Cannot Access Printer
I've Got Legs
Pants Left in the Wash
Action Transvestite
So Yeah (Added 15.45)

Actually, it's a lot harder than I thought. I need to rewatch my Izzardy goodness. Any more?
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