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The Stupid: It Hurts - Episode 3

I'm officially making this a series. Episode 1 was Brian from Big Brother last year, and episode 2 was the hotel for the wedding, although as it transpired they were more than reasonable about it.

Anyway. Today's episode comes in the form of the aforementioned mini-article in Tuesday's Metro:

Gah. At the time this made me unspeakably angry, but now it just makes my brain hurt trying to imagine the utter stupidity. Like, she thinks all authors have ghost writers. That's the worst part, aside from the general "whuh??" factor of the quote. The fact that she clearly doesn't understand the concept of being a writer in the slightest also makes me twitch.

And anyway, I thought she'd gone back to being plain old Katie Price again these days, not 'Jordan'. Only when her publicity requires it, it seems.

The best part is, her kids' book (the one referred to here, not her autobiography, although I imagine she's guilty of the crime of not writing either of them) was called My Pony Care Book, which is either a reference-type book or, as Paul has just suggested, a picture book. If the former, would you trust her with live animals? If the latter, why on earth would you need a ghost writer?

The stupid. It hurts.

PS: I'm still not entirely convinced it's a real quote, because honestly: is anyone really that dumb? But at the same time... we all saw the photos of her wedding, right? ;)
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