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Dear Channel 4,

please to be showing the rest of season 2 of Ugly Betty now? You've been leaving us hanging for months.

If you do not comply with my request, I shall be forced to throw a major hissy fit and launch a grenade through your window. If this does not persuade you, be prepared for me to go up there and kick yo' asses.

Yours in unending frustration,


liek, srsly - this is getting beyond a joke. I don't frelling care about Dirty Sexy Money or whatever the hell it's called. Placating me with a new series of Derren Brown's Trick of Treat is not going to work, either, and don't think distracting me with Peep Show will make me forget that you promised the rest of this season in January AND April respectively.

I don't have much energy for fandom these days, so holding out on me with the one I actually manage to latch onto is UNFAIR and CRUEL.


*breathe* Spoilers on daniel_betty are not good for me, clearly. It's turning into the kind of fandom I need to watch on my own, in a hermetically sealed room, so I don't disturb other people... ;) But seriously, some of the stuff that's coming? SO GOOD.

*beats Channel 4 to death with blunt objects*

I've also noticed another annoying tendency that they have, which is that they have little to no confidence in their audience to stick with them, which comes across as a lack of confidence in themselves and what they broadcast. They've put Ugly Betty on a one-week hiatus before to accommodate the Children in Need coverage on BBC1. Because obviously, everyone wants to watch Children in Need. Yeah, I'm sure it's a ratings-puller, but at least give the rest of us something entertaining to watch? It's more than little frustrating. I think I watch C4 predominantly out of all the terrestrial channels so it's annoying when they don't live up to their reputation.

I lose all confidence in BBC the longer they go on. BBC2 used to be the cult channel, but their old 6.45pm cult slot (where shows like Star Trek, Buffy and Farscape used to sit) has all but disappeared. Mostly I find the BBC a little hypocritical and unappreciative of their audience. Considering our licence money (which isn't optional, I might add) pays for their broadcasting, they could at least care a little bit more about us, their viewers, and treat us with some respect. So: starting things on time. I mean, there's no bloody ad breaks, so why do things start late?

ITV (all four channels) is rubbish and Channel 5 decidedly unremarkable, although Five Life is okay sometimes.

BBC3 is trying far too hard to be 'down with the kids'. Really, Channel 4 has always been the radical extroverted cousin in the terrestrial family, so it's a shame that it so often falls by the wayside and occasionally fucks up (Angel, anyone?).

Enough about that. It's only telly, after all. :P

In other news, the opera stuff for choir is coming together quite nicely, although I hope I don't end up sitting next to either of people in the concert who I do in rehearsal. On one side is off-pitch vibrato woman, and on the other is too-loud-occasionally-wrong person and they're both really annoying...

Thankfully, the Italian is now coming together, and the Russian - whilst not as straightforward as originally thought - is starting to sound okay as well. The others are in English and/or American, so not as bad, although I wouldn't have minded singing Carmen in French... the translations are always a bit twee. I mean, the blokes have to sing this at one point:

We've been waiting for no-one but you
You're so lovely, be nice to us, do!

Not very masculine. ;) It would be nice to work through the Porgy & Bess stuff in order, though, as we've rehearsed it in a random order and I have no idea how it's meant to sound in context.

Sooo... yeah. I should get on with this letter of instruction, really... and I really need some sort of telly-related icon...
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