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What I Dids Today...

Today I wented into Kings Heath and wented into a shop where a nice man drew a picture on me...

Please not to be staring at my cleavage...

Taken about an hour ago; please ignore the bloodstains. :P It's the old Catatonia logo. It's meant to be 90o clockwise (so the concentric circles form a capital 'C'), but the current positioning makes far more sense and anyway, I still like it.

By far the most painful tattoo I've had done due to the blackwork. (The one in the icon, my personal favourite, was probably the second most painful because of the size/location, on my shoulderblade). It was so warm today I thought I was going to pass out at one point, but thankfully the studio's back room was nice and cool... I'll probably have a shower in a bit to clean it up and apply cream...

Paul also had a new tattoo...

Apparently it's an old roleplay thing and is a Blood Angels symbol...

We were in there about an hour, all told. Mine was £60 and Paul's was £70, which was quite reasonable considering they were custom designs and the bloke has 15 years experience. We went here, incidentally...

Something happened whilst I was getting mine done which was more than worthy of customers_suck, also - or possibly just mock_the_stupid. Paul was sitting on the couch waiting for me to come out and I heard these two chav-sounding women come in, presumably a girl and her mother. First they thought Paul worked there. There was only one guy in the shop today and he was out back tattooing me, so I suppose it's not such a massively wrong assumption. Anyway, they were perusing the designs on the walls and apparently (so I found out afterwards) they were looking at a sheet of small butterfly designs.

I heard "30 quid for that little thing! That's a rip off!" and then they buggered off.

Something tells me they're going to find an artist who will tattoo them for £10 and will then wonder why everyone laughs at their shitty tattoos...

And then I wented home and put the washing out to dry and we eated bolognese for tea.

The end.
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