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A Series of Fortuitous Events

Aside from the tattoo-obtaining, it's been a generally pleasing weekend. The gorgeous weather has meant I've got lots of washing done in less time than usual, for a start.

Saturday was Laura's birthday, but I wasn't up to it. Instead, I sat around online and then decided to watch Anna and the King quite randomly. Mostly, I had convinced myself there was a scene 'missing' from The King and I which I thought was in A&tK and which apparently wasn't. Nevertheless, I do love the film.

Paul came back at around 4.00am after an eventful evening out during which someone with a out-of-date vendetta (and for no apparent reason) decided to pick a fight with him. Or rather, got his brother to do so, which makes it all the more pathetic. Luckily enough this happened right near the bouncers so nothing happened, otherwise it might have been quite messy...

On Sunday I watched The King and I after getting up early, having breakfast and cleaning the bathroom sink. Turns out my 'missing' scene was actually there after all. Somehow I was convinced the Siamese rendition of "Small House of Uncle Thomas" (i.e. Uncle Tom's Cabin) wasn't in the musical and remembered it being in the 1999 film instead (subsequently leading into the sub-plot about Tuptim's execution), but I was merely confused... Still, I hadn't seen either film in a while.

Hence, I spent the afternoon reading as much fic as I could find. A bit weird, what with it being essentially a true story, but the diaries of Anna Leonowens are only the basis of the story anyway, rather than the films being a true rendition of actual events...

Of the evening we sat and watched Tin Man, which was quite interesting... It really reminded me of lots of different things, mostly Farscape, 10th Kingdom, Carnivale, Myst and Return to Oz. It seems to have taken influence from everywhere up to and including the original source and the result is quite bizarre. Thus far there are more questions than answers, but at least the scenery is pretty. ;)

My favourite reference (at least that I can remember) was near the start when the 'long-coats' turn up to seize DG by arriving in a cyclone (into which she is subsequently pushed by her parents). There is a shot of the farm where she lives, a scarecrow in the background; on the gate is a red, heart-shaped sign bearing the number 39 (the year the original movie opened) and a terrified cat skulks under the gate. That bit made me smile in particular, but there are plenty of other, more obvious references; Richard Dreyfuss' "wizard" is a shammy showman who introduces his show by having his face projected onto the curtains...

So, I will definitely be following the rest of it.

That was about it, really... nothing much else to report. The tattoo is healing nicely but I can't lift my arm over my head, which is getting a little bit annoying... come on, scab - fall off!
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