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Old Ships Die Hard...

So, yoshi and I have been working through The 10th Kingdom. I'd forgotten the sheer brilliance. Anyway, we just started on episode 2 last night, and as a result, for some reason, my brain gave me a mostly nonsensical Wolf/Virginia-centric dream. Much appreciated, but somewhat strange considering the first time I watched the series (back in sixth form) that ship took over my dreams then, too...

Which is precisely why, when I go to see the new X-Files movie in August (and seriously, I'll go on my own if I have to), despite the fact it's been years and I'm no longer obsessed with it (but, wow, good times...) I will doubtless squee like a fangirl at the inevitable MSR. :D

Old ships never die; they just wait, dormant, until such time as they have reason to pop up again. So much for objectivity, though. ;)

In other news, the credit card bill is currently quite horrendous, so no more spending. We have been quite bad, really, but at least both of us are paying it off. Must lay off it until December, October at the earliest. I'm hoping by the time my mum's birthday rolls around in August I'll have actual money to spend...

Went out last night to see Clare-from-Uni at the Green Rooms, which was nice... the paintings are completely different from when I was there in March for Lisa's birthday, so that was bizarre. Also I'd forgotten how expensive it was (£6.30 for a JD&coke and a vodka&pineapple!) but I'm probably too used to Wetherspoon's prices... Still, a pleasant evening of reminiscence and general nattering.

Barely any work here today but what there is has been urgent - typical. Must pay off first card payment tonight / tomorrow. I tried to do it online earlier but there doesn't seem to be an obvious manner of doing so, so I'll have to wait until tonight and check the back of the statement.

PS: In completely unrelated news, I'm trying to find some decent pictures of Justin Lee Collins; one of him grinning (maybe with two thumbs up) and one of him looking miserable. It's for an icon. Google were unfruitful. If anyone could help, that would be marvellous...
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