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Bank Holiday Weekend 2.

Kind of a bleh weekend, really...

Saturday was the usual fare of groceries and washing. Although what with the high winds I'm surprised I didn't lose any of my laundry in the process of drying it. The weather's been stupid this weekend, all told. On Saturday afternoon I turned the heating off, but by 6.00pm it was back on again.

Paul went out to a Eurovision party on Saturday and I stayed in. I watched the first four songs and decreed it to be a waste of time so went online for the rest of the evening (with a brief stint of watching "Britain's Got Talent" at around midnight due to boredom).

On Sunday we awoke to discover the leaky roof has gotten worse. Where before the drip was just coming out of one of the ceiling tiles by the bedroom door (in the hall, luckily, although it looks as though it started in the bedroom once and has been temporarily fixed and found a new way through) and now it's coming through the wood / paint of the structure above the step. Paul's going to ring Trevor today. It seems to be working straight through (rather than being a delayed reaction) so I suppose that's better than it sitting there...

Perhaps, like the boiler, this will convince our landlord that he needs to fix things properly rather than just rerouting the problem elsewhere in the hope it'll disappear. Meh. We put a towel down to catch the drips and hopefully it won't work through to Lisa's flat.

On Sunday I was horrendously tired for some reason and ended up having a nap at abour 5.00pm for an hour and a half. Which obviously made me feel worse than before.

Monday morning saw a very bizarre, lingering dream-within-a-dream (possibly; not sure on the ending) and another day of horrible tiredness with a bad back to boot. I didn't even do anything energetic this weekend. (Couldn't be arsed with Pride, and anyway the rain called off play on Sunday.) So I had a bath, nearly fell over from hunger in the shower (meh) and then managed to ruin our would-have-been-nice roast dinner by mis-timing by half an hour and then managing to burn the brocolli and cauliflower. It was edible, but only just. I suck. :(

Watched The Reaping last night, which was interesting. Strange. Bits of it reminded me of Silent Hill (the film) whilst other bits reminded me of Sanitarium (the game). Entertaining on the whole, though.

The office is bloody freezing today. *blows on fingers* I hate Spring. Never knowing what to wear for the best, stupid weather, fluctuating temperatures. Also, given how hot the recent heatwave was and that was only May, I dread to think what the summer's going to be like. I don't want to get ill again, thank you. Still, at least this office has air conditioning...

I'm sure I had something else to mention but I cant' remember what it was...
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